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A classic high school experience with a sharp emphasis on academic excellence and college and career-readiness, TJ challenges students to achieve their personal bests, focus their determination and drive, and manage their own success in an academically supportive environment. A strong advisory program and Future Center helps students understand and take advantage of the opportunities and resources available to them. Rigorous course offerings include Honors courses and 14+ different Advanced Placement (AP) classes in language arts, math, social studies and science. It’s important to note that most colleges require a minimum of a least two years of foreign language while highly-selective colleges require at least three years.

Students earn college credits during high school through AP classes, concurrent enrollment options, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests and the Center for Communications and Technology (CCT) program. All students are encouraged to graduate with as many college credits as possible, but it’s our goal to have college-bound students realize up to 12 credits or more upon graduation. Entering college with more credits represents not only time and cost savings, but can open up additional possibilities, options and choices.

Concurrent Enrollment Offered at TJ:

  • CCT – The majority of the CCT classes are run as concurrent enrollment (often called dual credit) classes through ACC. Most don’t have any prerequisites but are only open to magnet students. These students have the ability to gain the necessary 12 college credits (4 classes) to participate in the 5th year Ascent program (more information below).
  • AAA-109 – A college level, dual-enrollment course run through ACC that is designed to help students gain the organizational and study skills necessary to be successful in college. There are no prerequisites and the class earns 3 college credits.
  • CU Succeeds – A dual-enrollment class run through the University of Colorado system that gains 3 credits. Currently we offer two semester long courses called Ethnic Studies and African American History, but the selection is going to expand next school year.
  • Developmental Education (Math & English) – These classes are not 100 level college courses, but rather college prep classes aiming to make sure our students are ready to begin taking college level math and English classes once they arrive on campus (historically called remedial classes). Colleges require students to complete these courses as freshman if they have not proven college readiness through assessment scores. At a college, they cost the normal tuition rate but don’t go towards the student’s degree. At TJ, we cover the cost of tuition as long as they complete the class. The English course is run through ACC and the Math through Western State. There are prerequisites based on assessment scores, and the classes run for dual credit.
  • [The credits for courses listed above are accepted by the majority of in state colleges and universities as well as many throughout the country. You will need to check with individual college admissions offices to see if that is the case.]
  • Advanced Placement – Not run for college credit, but a strong score on the AP subject exam can be accepted for college credit at many universities around the country. Exam scores of 3-5 can also potentially be used as credits to be put toward Ascent.
  • Offered on a College Campus – Many seniors choose to take their concurrent enrollment classes in an actual college setting at one of the local community college campuses. The district pays for these classes up to the community college tuition rate, so if the student would prefer to take a class at a university, the family must pay the difference. The student works with an advisor at the college to schedule classes (typically only one or two), and will spend the rest of the day at TJ. Once the class is completed, the student provides TJ with their college transcript and high school credit is also given in the specific subject area. Younger students can also potentially take advantage of this opportunity, but they must be in good standing with their credits.
  • Ascent – If students are able to accumulate 12 hours of college credit (Dev. Ed. classes don’t count), they are eligible to participate in the Ascent program. This program holds a student’s high school diploma for one year, while the district pays for that entire years’ worth of tuition at a local community college. That year, in addition to the 12 credits they already had, makes it possible to earn an Associate’s degree for FREE! Students must be considered college ready to be eligible, which can be proven through ACT or Accuplacer test scores, the completion of a Dev. Ed. class with a C or above, and a 2.0 GPA or higher.
  • CLEP Testing – CLEP testing has been around for years and is another great way for students to gain college credit. This is a particularly good option for students who speak another language, because they can earn up to 12 credits at one time depending on how well they do on the test. TJ is in the process of becoming a CLEP testing site and hopes to take advantage of this going forward to help our students qualify for Ascent.
  • In Comparison – TJ is quickly becoming the school of choice for DPS students interested in earning concurrent enrollment/college credit. We offer all the same options as our district peers (i.e. South, and East) as well as other area high schools (i.e. Littleton HS and Arapahoe HS), but set ourselves apart with the push for Ascent preparation/participation and status as a CLEP testing site. We hope that these programs will combine with our existing AP offerings to help better prepare our students for life after high school, and save our families money on college.
  • Please click this link to see a complete list of Concurrent Enrollment classes offered at TJ
    TJ CE Class Checklist
    ACC App for Admission
    ACC Application Info Needed
    ACC Ordering ACC Transcripts
    ACC Transcript Request Form
    CE Agreement Form
    CE Registration Form
    WSU CE Enrollment Registration Form

Advanced Placement Classes:

  • English:
    AP Language
    AP Literature
  • Math:
    AP Statistics
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC
  • Science:
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Biology (2 period class including Lab)
    AP Chemistry
    AP Physics
  • Social Studies:
    AP Human Geography
    AP World History
    AP US History
    AP Psychology
  • Language:
    AP Spanish

English Department:

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Social Studies Department:

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