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Change For Change

Posted 12/09/2018 by Kaleb Pittman

St. Jude’s fight to end childhood cancer is inspiring the support of schools nationwide. photo by AJ Domagala

Thomas Jefferson High School joins St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in their fight against cancer.

On September 22nd, in accordance with childhood cancer awareness month, St. Jude launched a fundraiser for financial aid in their continued battle against childhood cancer. While their efforts have increased the survival rate of cancer patients by roughly 60%, their perseverance has urged them to enlist the help of several high schools throughout Denver.

Of these schools, Thomas Jefferson was challenged to raise $20,000 for the fundraiser with the installation of a new gym floor being offered as an incentive for meeting the goal. An online donation site was established for TJ students, and public events were organized to help raise funds. Homecoming ticket payments and a sizable third-party donation were all contributed towards this singular, noble cause. Eventually, from these cumulative efforts, TJ was able to successfully meet the goal of $20,000 on October 11th. To commemorate this event, an assembly was held where a young girl who benefited directly from the donation as a cancer patient herself personally thanked TJ.

When the goal was met, TJ students were busy collecting funds from Park Meadows Mall. At the mall, approximately 18 buckets of change were presented to the students, each coin being painstakingly fished out of the mall’s central fountain. This huge sum of change pushed TJ over the edge, and their goal was exceeded. While they celebrated the climax of the fundraiser, local news station CBS Denver arrived to collect their thoughts on the triumph. Junior Keshaun Taylor reported “Being able to see everyone paying attention to what we’re doing …is just amazing.” On the topic of a new gym floor as a reward for meeting the fundraising goal, TJ displayed a selfless nature. Taylor said it was considerate, however the real prize was “helping St. Jude and giving back to our community by making sure we do our part.”

Through their generous donations, TJ contributes itself to St. Jude and their positive impact on the lives of many who suffer from childhood cancer. Together, their fight for progress helps make our world a better place to live. Furthermore, the success at meeting this monumental goal is symbolic of the school as a whole, establishing them to have a community-centered student body who are able to overcome challenging odds and step up for those in need. Empathy is an important skill for any community to possess, and that sentiment is clearly proven by the students at Thomas Jefferson. Click here to watch a heartwarming video about this event!