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Familiarizing the Community With Frydman

Posted 12/19/2017 by Amelia Carpenter

Carlie Frydman works to build positive relationships with her students through science. photo by Lucy Peterson

TJ’s Biology teacher Carlie Frydman teaches students to enjoy science.

Nevada native Carlie Frydman is a biology teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School. Frydman lived in Boston, where she taught at a charter school, before moving to Colorado to be closer to her parents. She has been a part of the TJ community for three years and teaches both biology and honors biology. Frydman had a poor experience with science in high school, but became motivated to be an educator in college and to inspire her students to enjoy science. “Only once I had engaging and relevant college courses did I develop an appreciation for science, and I want to provide my students with that engaging experience earlier on,” Frydman described. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics. She then received her Masters in Nutritional Science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Frydman enjoys working at TJ and connecting with her students. “I decided to teach at TJ because the school’s values align with my own, in terms of holding students to high behavior/academic expectations while still building relationships and connecting with them,” Frydman expressed. Her favorite part about TJ is her students. Sophomore Reece Dines, one of Frydman’s Biology students said, “She makes learning fun by always incorporating something that she knows the students will enjoy.” Frydman makes learning about science interesting and allows students to feel connected to the work they do in class. Dines also mentioned, “Ms. Frydman creates a connection with students and makes them feel comfortable to ask questions in class and come to her for help.” Frydman feels lucky to be a part of a team where she can work with and learn from other science teachers as well as her students.

Outside of teaching, Frydman has many interests, including hiking, exercising, playing with her dogs, and cheese tasting. “Most weekends I enjoy walking at a state park while my dogs play. I also love cheese- both trying new cheeses, creating fun pairings with other foods, and making my own cheese,” explained Frydman. One of the reasons Frydman moved to Denver was because of all of the outdoor activities Colorado offers. She is an avid runner and even used to coach track and cross country at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she previously taught.

Frydman uses her abilities to encourage her students to appreciate science. She has connected with many students during her time at TJ, and continues to create positive relationships with Spartans. She teaches her students that it is okay to struggle in science, but they must continue to work hard. Frydman is a recent addition to the science team at TJ, but she has made a huge impact on the kids in her classes and her fellow science teachers in just a short time. Her love of science is a constant motivator for the work she does at TJ, and it inspires her students to enjoy learning more about science.