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The Spartan Edition 2-1-21Posted 02/01/2021 by SE Producer

It the first day of February…and we have SNATRAPS!... More

The Spartan Edition 1-28-21Posted 01/28/2021 by SE Producer

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The Spartan Edition 1-25-21Posted 01/25/2021 by SE Producer

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The Spartan Edition 1-21-21Posted 01/21/2021 by SE Producer

Really good show today…stick around for the Word of The Day!... More

The Spartan Edition 1-19-21Posted 01/19/2021 by SE Producer

Start the week the right way…with the Spartan Edition!... More

The Spartan Edition 1-14-21Posted 01/14/2021 by SE Producer

Find out about sports registration, GSA, and more!... More

The Spartan Edition 1-11-21Posted 01/11/2021 by SE Producer

Was your New Year’s Resolution to watch more Spartan Edition? Well here you go…... More

The Spartan Edition 1-7-21Posted 01/07/2021 by SE Producer

We are back! Learn more about winter sports, Challenge Day and Mr. Silvers.... More

The Spartan Edition 12-11-20Posted 12/10/2020 by SE Producer

Our last show of 2020! (side note: we at the Spartan Edition…not fans of 2020)... More

The Spartan Edition – 12-9-20Posted 12/09/2020 by SE Producer

Spirit Week, Finals Schedule, and DECA Qualifiers – get it all on The Spartan Edition... More