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Victor Godoy
Social Studies Teacher




Hello everyone! This is my 5th year here at TJ, and just love the faculty and students we have. TJ truly is a great community and I am happy that you have decided to join us! Although not a native, I have been in Colorado now for about 9 years. I do go home and visit family and friends in California as often as possible. I have previously taught in Greeley CO, as well as the Alaskan arctic circle. Traveling and exploring is a big passion of mine. I love to go see places I have read about in historical accounts and bring those accounts into the classroom, and my lessons. My travels have taken me through most of the European Continent and I am planning a trip through South America next summer. I am very passionate about social justice, current events, and promoting cultural diversity and understanding. Prior to getting into the world of education, I had a successful career in the world of behavioral therapy. TJ is a community where we are always learning, and I am excited to continue learning from faculty, colleagues and our great students. Feel free to stop by and say hello, or drop me an email. Looking forward to a great year. SPARTAN UP!