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A MacBook Aboard 815: The Shape of Things to Come

Posted 04/29/2008 by Manny Perez

A LOST addict types really, really fast between commercials.
CAUTION [If you didn’t see last night’s episode STOP! Spoilers Ahead!]

by Manny Perez

LOST.jpg    Everyone loves when regular TV shows mix-up their air times, right? No? Yeah, well me neither. Lost, in the spirit of “ABC’s All-New Thursdays”, has decided it will be airing from now till May 29th at 9 pm instead of the regular 8 pm; thus throwing this reporter into at least one high-speed chase trying to get home on time, only to learn he still has an hour to spare.

9:07 – Good old Lost Island seaside. Jack is feeling off due to this completely warped schedule and is thus taking some medication to ease the pain. Kate welcomes herself into the tent and she starts talking with Jack about why Sayid isn’t back from the boat, but before too long Bernard is yelling for help from the shore. Apparently he sees dead people. Someone is floating facedown in the water, but no worry, it’s just the stupid doctor from the boat we all hate.

Meanwhile OTOSOTI (On the other side of the island) Locke, Sawyer, and Hurley, are playing Risk before being interrupted by an automated phone call “Code 14-J.” Taking their time, they go ask Ben if he would like to sign-up for a free MasterCard. At this, Ben jumps, grabs and pumps a shotgun, and tells the three to head over to the other house. “They’re here”.

We are treated to another “eye flashback” to the Sahara Desert. Ben is wearing a fur-lined coat and vomiting. Before too long two Saharans appear on horseback and try to capture him. As they frisk him, Ben, complying, reveals a small and harmless black tube-thing. Spinning in place he completely owns his arrester with a whack to the head with his extendable and very harmful tube-thing. He then uses him as a shield before the other Saharan can shoot him. Ben then knocks him off his horse, kills him, and then rides off on one of the horses. Ben is officially cool.

08.jpg9:25 – The Locke Lot are fortifying the house, but before too long the military, aka the captain from the boat and the captured Alex, arrives. Three random Losties are almost instantly shot down outside as Sawyer ducks and jumps trying to get to Clair’s house – Aaron safe with Hugo at the moment. Her building is then hit with a missile and collapses.

Tozeur, Tunisia, Ben is asking for assistance at a hotel desk under an alias. Being the special guest he is, he asks the year before seeing Sayid on TV. It’s 2005 and Sayid is married – or was anyway, seeing as he’s off to attend Nadia’s funeral.

Back at Otherville, Ben, Locke, Hugo, and Aaron are staking-out and keeping away from the windows. Clair, much to the dismay of many people, I’m sure, is still alive and is hauled back to the house by Sawyer. As the group is huddling and awaiting the army to either charge-in or launch a missile, we hear the doorbell. Ah, it’s a recently-freed Miles – with a walkie-talkie. “They wanna talk.”

9:37 –Watching a middle-eastern funeral from a rooftop, Ben assembles a camera and starts taking shots of a bald guy. He then turns his lens toward the funeral only to find Sayid look up at him at the exact same time. Running out on the roof, Sayid tackles him and demands xplanations. Ben is apparently tracking down Nadia’s killer – the bald guy.

Miles is babbling, tries a lame divide-and-conquer, then tells about how they have Alex. This grabs Ben’s attention and he agrees to talk to the Captain, though with hesitance. After a bit of arguing, which Ben obviously wins (He’s Ben, remember?), the Captain brings out Alex at gunpoint. Ben proposes a counter-proposal – GO AWAY. “She means nothing to me,” Ben says wide-eyed.
Mark shoots Alex.

9:47 – Alex is on the ground and Ben is basically paralyzed. “He changed the rules,” he says softly. Going into one of his many hidden BenCaves before Sawyer can grab him, we get a flash-forward.

Drinking tea, Ben is following Ishmael, the bald guy, and Nadia’s murderer, through a busy market and into an alley. Ishmael loses him, turns the tables, and Ben gets cornered. Before Ben can get his message across to him, Sayid empties his pistol into Ishmael. “Who’s next?” he asks Ben.

Back in the house Ben comes back dirty and a bit ruffled. He has released The Monster and, charging like a huge locomotive made of electricity and smoke, it eats the Army. But before running off into the forest like the rest of the Lot in the house – Ben says goodbye to Alex.

Back on the beach, Daniel is literally sending a telegraph through the SatPhone in Morse code, as Jack has requested. Daniel, being incredibly honest says the helicopter is coming soon and that they are not to worry. Bernard, the know-it-all, accuses Daniel of being a liar, and correctly translates the Morse; “What are you talking about? The doctor is fine.” Jack is then mean to poor Daniel and he rudely asks him if he is going to help the survivors at all. “No.” says Daniel.

OTOSOTI, they’re in the forest and off to see Jacob. “I don’t know why I ever followed you wackos in the first place,” says Sawyer before going back to Jack’s camp, along with Clair and Hugo. But Locke needs Hugo to get to Jacob. They argue over him – pistol to pistol. Trying to avoid more disagreement, Hugo stays with Locke. So they’re off to see the Wizard with Ben, “Follow me.”

London, England – Ben enters a fancy penthouse suite. Charles Widmore is sleeping in his bed. Charles argues that Ben is not the victim; HE killed Alex. No matter, Ben has decided he will kill Penelope. “You’ll wish you hadn’t changed the rules.”

    Although it wasn’t exactly good enough to justify a two-week hiatus, or the stupid schedule change, I liked the episode. The Monster finally decides to make an over due appearance. Ben is finally turning away from his quiet evilness to his cool evilness. And we even get to see Daniel some more.
    One thing I’m starting to notice is that a lot of people are dying now, but due to the rather huge cast, I’m starting to not care much. Sure, Alex was interesting and all, but emotionally her death was kinda empty. I’m not sure if the writers simply need to whittle down the chaotic aspect of the show (see the overabundance of OTOSOTIs), or that death is just good television. Either way, if it keeps going in this direction, I’ll start caring when it’s down to Vincent the Dog and Ben. Vincent will win, obviously.