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Thomas Jefferson High School provides a multi-faceted support system for GT and high ability students. Our goal is to provide greater choice, more challenge, and real world connections in the learning environment.

Our school provides many differentiated learning opportunities through honors, AP, concurrent enrollment classes and career exploration. Students can explore future careers through the career development center and participate in our communication technology magnet program. At TJ, students can pursue areas of interest and passion through our wide variety of interest-based clubs and activities.

We provide education and training to staff on learning and affective needs of GT and 2e students, and our mental health team is trained in supporting GT and 2e learners. The GT site team consults with students and families to support individual academic and social emotional needs.

We will be reaching out to students during their Advisement class to have them complete their ALPs in the library. We are planning to have this completed by the end of October.

For more information, please contact Paula Hammel at

La Escuela Preparatoria Thomas Jefferson ofrece un sistema de apoyo multifacético para GT y estudiantes de alta capacidad. Nuestro objetivo es brindar más opciones, más desafíos y conexiones con el mundo real en el entorno de aprendizaje.

Nuestra escuela ofrece muchas oportunidades de aprendizaje diferenciadas a través de honores, AP, clases de inscripción simultánea y exploración de carreras. Los estudiantes pueden explorar carreras futuras a través del centro de desarrollo profesional y participar en nuestro programa magnet de tecnología de la comunicación. En TJ, los estudiantes pueden perseguir áreas de interés y pasión a través de nuestra amplia variedad de clubes y actividades basados en intereses.

Brindamos educación y capacitación al personal sobre las necesidades de aprendizaje y afectivas de los estudiantes GT y 2e, y nuestro equipo de salud mental está capacitado para apoyar a los estudiantes GT y 2e. El equipo del sitio de GT consulta con los estudiantes y las familias para apoyar las necesidades académicas y socioemocionales individuales.

Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Paula Hammel en


We strive to ensure that gifted and talented students are engaged, rigorously challenged and supported to reach their full emotional, intellectual, and creative potential. By equipping students to become successful, critical, compassionate and collaborative individuals, we are preparing them to become leaders and citizens of the 21st Century.

What is Giftedness?

In DPS, “gifted and talented children” means those students whose demonstrated abilities, talents and/or potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs. These students perform, or show the potential of performing, at remarkably high levels in general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude or specific talent aptitude when compared with others of their age and experience. Gifted and talented children are present in all student groups, regardless of gender, disability, English language proficiency, economic status, ethnic or cultural background.

Acronyms and Essential Terms

  • HSGT – High School Gifted & Talented
  • HGT – Highly Gifted & Talented
  • ME – Magnet Eligible
  • GTD – Gifted Talent Development
  • 2e – Twice-Exceptional
  • Tier 1 GT High School – Where a Central Specialist is on site weekly for the entire school community

GT Communication Pipelines at TJ for Families and Community

  • E-mail via Naviance or Campus Messenger to identified families
  • TJ Journal and Spartan Edition
  • Social Media – optional to anyone and discoverable as:
    • SC: dpsgifted
    • IG: dpshsgifted
    • FB: DPS Student HSGT
    • FB: DPS High School Gifted and Talented Parent Group
    • Twitter: dpshsgifted

Activities, Resources and Services to Enrich the High School Experience

  1. Individual Student and Family Consultations with Specialist – By teacher, counselor, psychologist, social worker or administrative referral only. Students may self-refer for this service by first attending lunch and/or office hours/tutorial. Parents may request consultation services at any time, and must be in partnership with school officials. GT Goal Mentoring is by appointment only as part of our MTSS (Multi-Tiered Support Systems) and ensures the authentication of Advanced Learning Plans.
  2. Interest & Activity Groups – GT interest groups are dynamic and come in many ways, shapes and forms. Unlike clubs, they may or may not have specific meeting times. They are student, family and community driven, and thus ever-changing in nature. In previous years for example, Interest Groups included a televised Knowledge/Quiz Bowl tournament (PBS’ “Matchwits”) and an evening Opera soiree at the Temple Buell.

This year, our main interest groups known and affiliated with the GT Office are:

  • Concurrent Enrollment – full program alignment including night classes taught by the TJ GT Specialist
  • Academic Mentorships with Community Resources, Inc. (by nomination)
  • Colorado Student Leaders Institute: An affiliate of The National Conference of Governor Schools (by nomination)
  • Annual DU student panel and community public speaking engagements (by nomination)
  • Latin and National Junior Classical League (Latin) – Amber Wilson, room 219
  • Legislative Day – Annual Field trip to the Capitol in February
  • Portfolios, Vitae and Academic Identity Management for Distinguished Students
  • Mile High Discussions – a student run GT public television show