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Attendance Policy

How to excuse an absences or tardy – remote learning
To excuse a student’s absence or tardy please call the TJHS automated attendance line at 720-423-7040 or email
Tardies are required to be excused within 24 hours of occurrence
Absences are required to be excused within 48 hours of occurrence

ALL EXCUSED TARDIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 2:30PM ON THE SAME DAY OF OCCURANCE! (Tardies are less than 10 minutes late. More than 10 minutes is considered an absence) All absences are to be excused within 48 hours of occurrence.


• 1st tardy (per day) = After School Detention (2:50pm-3:15pm) ➢ Skipping after school detention = next day lunch detention (student will be allowed to eat lunch in room while serving detention)

• 3 or more tardies (per day) = In School suspension the next day

• 3 or more In school suspensions within 2 weeks = Saturday School (2nd and/or 4th Saturday of every month from 8am-11am)

• Missed assigned Saturday School = Out of school suspension and mandatory parent meeting with administration.

TRUANCY (misses class without permission)

• 1st offense (per period/day) = Lunch detention and parent contact

• 2 or more offenses (per period/ day) = Saturday School and parent contact/meeting

Students are expected to work on school assignments or school community service while assigned to Detention or Saturday School


To excuse tardies and absences please call the automated attendance line at 720-423-7040. This line is for leaving messages only.

To speak with the attendance clerk regarding early dismissals or attendance issues please call the direct line at 720-423-7041 or main office at  720-423-7000.

For additional information of DPS policies, please visit the Policies & Procedures Guide at

For information on state law pertaining to school attendance visit