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First Step in Leaving the False RealityPosted 04/08/2021 by Eliana Channell

The documentary 13th leaves viewers with an abundance of emotions due to its intensity and truth, and I was no exception.  Filmmaker Ava DuVernay created the fascinating documentary 13th that was rel... More

An Oscars to RememberPosted 03/27/2021 by Roxanne Wilkerson

The 2021 Academy Awards will look quite different due to the pandemic. The Academy Awards, most commonly referred to as the Oscars, is an annual event of awards celebrating artistic and technical meri... More

A Wonder-ful MoviePosted 03/26/2021 by Lauren Maggio

The new Wonder Woman movie came to many viewers’ homes through HBO Max due to the pandemic, giving more people the chance to watch. While there have been many negatives that have come out of the COV... More

The Grammys Fashion FiascoPosted 03/26/2021 by Aviva Freedberg

Many celebrities came together in the worst and best fashion for the 63rd Grammy Awards. With COVID-19 affecting the 63rd Grammys of 2021 in almost every way, it was important for celebrities to step ... More

“The Last Dance”Posted 03/26/2021 by Adam McPherson

The release of a docuseries following the 1997/98 Chicago Bulls basketball team sparked many awe-inspired conversations regarding Michael Jordan and his legacy. For those who were unable to witness Mi... More

New Movies TimePosted 03/26/2021 by Trinity Doublin

Many new exciting movies are coming this year. In 2021, the virus known as the coronavirus is still here, but what better way to make the year better than by watching movies? This year, a lot of good ... More

Teacher by Day, Capoeriristia by NightPosted 03/22/2021 by Tess Ware

There is a new ELA-S teacher in the TJ community.  Thomas Jefferson High School’s newest addition is more than just a teacher; he is a high-kicking, poetry-writing, puppy-loving force of nature! Ma... More

Wrap Up the Year With SpotifyPosted 03/21/2021 by Addison Smith

The music streaming service Spotify gives listeners a look into their listening history through Spotify Wrapped.  The end of a year brings out the old traditions throughout many households everywhere... More

Spicy Food, Spicy Side EffectsPosted 03/16/2021 by Jessica Nesbit

Spicy food can be a hot problem for some people. I personally love spicy food. Ever since I was little, my sister and I would eat vibrant red chips, specifically Takis, and add enough hot sauce in our... More

Jumping Into HyperspacePosted 03/11/2021 by Sara Medina

With the announcement of exciting upcoming Star Wars projects, Disney hints to some reunions and new eras.  I had never screamed louder than R2-D2 did when I heard the announcement that Disney was go... More