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Get in Loser, We’re Going to See the New Mean GirlsPosted 02/28/2024 by Alexa Tsvetkov

Ten years after the original Mean Girls movie came out, the musical version was released on January 12th.  Early this year, Mean Girls fans became immersed in the girl world once again. Favorite char... More

Longing For KnowledgePosted 02/27/2024 by Laine Gaherty

“Ancient History is a lot cooler than US History with Mr. Klimczak because you don’t have to listen to Mr. Klimczak.” – Mr. Long   At a young age, Nic Long’s grandma gifted him a ne... More

The Golden GlobesPosted 02/23/2024 by Makayla Vasquez

With numerous awards for popular productions, the black tie night was one for the books. For the first time in two years, the 81st Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Jo Koy at the Beverly Hilton in Califo... More

The Economy is… ComplicatedPosted 02/23/2024 by Cora Grabel

Many Americans are very pessimistic about the US economy, but several factors indicate the economy is growing, so what is causing this disparity? Disclaimer: I am not an economist, just a high school ... More

Lady Literature Posted 02/15/2024 by Emanuel Morales-Gomez

Many people truly don’t know just how much Amber Wilson does to help students get the education they need. For the past 24 years, Amber Wilson has been working to develop the minds of the future thr... More

82 Things I LovePosted 02/14/2024 by Makayla Vasquez

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of things that I love, in no particular order.    – My Dog –  Daisy is a five-year-old black lab who acts like a puppy and doe... More

Teaching the Next GenerationPosted 02/13/2024 by Ben Scherer

James Stephenson teaches Civics and AP U.S. Government and Politics, educating future students in political science. According to a Foundation for Individual Rights and Expresion survey, only a third ... More

The Adventure of a LifetimePosted 12/12/2023 by Amaris Medina

While three counties in 10 days sounds exhausting, it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.  A wise teacher once said, “if you have the opportunity to travel, take it.” I thi... More

Snowy Adventures AwaitPosted 12/12/2023 by Riley Rimkus

Various activities in Colorado can take you out of your house into a winter wonderland this holiday season. With winter right around the corner in Colorado, temperatures are dropping as snow coats the... More

Fire and RehirePosted 12/11/2023 by Nate Bolinske

Sam Altman, former CEO of OpenAI, has been in and out of the company, leaving the tech world confused. In Silicon Valley, leadership changes can send shockwaves through the tech industry; the recent r... More