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The Danger of AgeismPosted 05/19/2020 by Jack Ciulla

Ageism is an alarming factor that could drive a feud between generations.  Ageism is the prejudice of one age group holding a grudge between another, usually from an older generation’s standpoi... More

Future FearsPosted 05/15/2020 by Ella Stephens

The transition to college is a very big change in students’ lives, and it can generate many fears and insecurities.  When I was in 8th grade, my middle school class went to a career fair. For the e... More

In Her ElementPosted 05/14/2020 by Caitlin Beery

Ms. Teeter leaves her mark on her students. Science classes are all unique and interesting in their own way, but there is something special about the chemistry classes at TJ. Chemistry and biology tea... More

Hobbies GalorePosted 05/14/2020 by Kaylee Held

With everyone drowning in free time, why not pick up a new skill? Though online school is occurring four days a week, many students find themselves with little to do all day. Screen time on the phone ... More

Quaran-TunesPosted 05/12/2020 by Georgia Hartley

Seventeen songs I’ve had on repeat over the past eight weeks.   I love music. I have it playing when I’m driving, when I’m doing homework, cooking, exercising, etc. Basically, anytime I can ha... More

Education Is The KeyPosted 05/10/2020 by Destiny Hernandez

Laura Prow is now going two years strong in the Spartan family and brings many great attributes, making TJ a better school. Many teachers have done extraordinary things before settling down with the o... More

Seize the ClayPosted 04/20/2020 by Kaylee Held

Take a look into the bizarre life of a seemingly ordinary ceramics teacher, with everything from pet ducks to a haunted house. It would be hard to predict Lacye Pannell’s backstory. One would most l... More

Retrograde ReportPosted 03/02/2020 by Erin Maloof

Mercury is in retrograde so tune in to see what you should do during this time period based on your astrological sign! “Retrograde” in astrological terms is when the planet’s orbital alignment c... More

Leaders of the MarinePosted 02/05/2020 by Caitlin Beery

In the wild, killer whales have very developed family relationships, dialects, and hunting techniques but as humans continue to alter the environment, disregard for their established families may caus... More

DistancedPosted 02/04/2020 by Atlas Zaina

Friendship is difficult, but added distance can make it even harder. There are so many intricate pieces that build up relationships, whether it’s family, a partner, or a friend. Vulnerability and co... More