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Roadway ReconciliationPosted 03/16/2023 by Maria Goergen

Annoyed about that new speeding ticket? It’s not your fault, and here’s why.  As you are driving, a blinding flash stunts your vision momentarily. You experience a horrifying realization that a s... More

Lenient and LethalPosted 03/06/2023 by Merry Shukert

The United States’ easygoing gun control laws are causing innocent people to fear for their lives.  A mere two months into 2023, gun violence rates in the United States tower over those of every ot... More

Taking a Stand Posted 03/06/2023 by Campbell Mahoney

In the wake of the shooting and death of Luis Garcia, East High School students are holding Denver Public Schools accountable for change.  This year, there have already been 80 mass shootings. Mass s... More

Scroll. Sleep. Repeat.Posted 03/06/2023 by Ben Hartley

Whether or not you use TikTok, we can all agree that it harms teenagers’ mental health. How many hours of screen time do you average each day on your phone? After a swift inspection of our devic... More

Season of SufferingPosted 02/24/2023 by Brady Vinlove

I am convinced that winter exists to make us bitter and unhappy, and science might be on my side.* As a child, winter was my favorite season; I loved racing down snowy hills on a sled, building snow f... More

Advice From A SeniorPosted 02/23/2023 by McKenzy Perkins

High school, the worst years of your life, might be fixed with nine simple pieces of advice.  Nothing can change my mind about what a challenge these past four years have been. Although it might not ... More

El Jogo BonitoPosted 02/15/2023 by Ben Hartley

Exploring the life, legacy, and death of Pelé.  Nearly half a century ago, the illustrious Brazilian competitor Edson Arantes do Nascimento began popularizing a Portuguese term for soccer called O J... More

Competing for the RosePosted 02/13/2023 by Makayla Vasquez

Cupid Versus Corporate – A Day for Love or a Day for Spending? Once again it’s the season for love – or at least, that’s what most like to believe. Typically, people in happy a... More

Bringing on the WaterworksPosted 02/09/2023 by Campbell Mahoney

The release of Avatar: The Way of Water has left fans anxious for more.   For the past 13 years, fans of James Cameron’s Avatar have been waiting anxiously for the release of the second film of th... More

Delaying PrioritiesPosted 12/12/2022 by Makayla Vasquez

A Guide To A (Somewhat) Stress-Free Junior Year Everyone says that junior year is the hardest year of high school, but every year has its challenges. During freshman year, you’re at the bottom of th... More