Thomas Jefferson

High School | Home of the Spartans

Dress Code

The student dress policy is an essential aspect of creating a school environment that is professional, safe, conducive to learning, and free from unnecessary disruption.

Students are encouraged to wear approved shirts and TJ wear to promote school spirit.

The following items are deemed disruptive and distractive and are not acceptable on school grounds or at school functions. STUDENTS WILL BE ASKED TO CHANGE TO ACCEPTABLE CLOTHING OR WILL BE SENT HOME FOR INAPPROPRIATE ATTIRE AND PARENTS NOTIFIED!

  • No strapless tops or spaghetti straps, top or dresses are allowed without a covering like a jacket or sweater.
  • No short shorts, very short dresses or skirts; to be determined by Administration
  • No visible undergarments (male or female). This includes sleeveless undershirts.
  • No sagging pants/shorts (where undergarments or gym/athletic shorts are visible).
  • No hoods inside the building.
  • No inappropriately sheer, TIGHT, loose, or low cut clothing that bares or exposes portions/all of the stomach, breasts, back, or buttocks.
  • No clothing, paraphernalia, grooming, jewelry, hair coloring, accessories, or body adornments that are or contain any words, symbols, or pictures that: refer to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons, are obscene, profane, vulgar, lewd, or legally libelous.
  • No clothing – by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, or other attribute denoting membership in gangs, associations, or clubs which advocate drug use, violence, or disruptive behavior that may threaten the safety or welfare of any person or to otherwise disrupt the school’s mission.
  • For additional information, refer to DPS School Board policy: JICA- Student Dress.
  • ANY student who refuses to cooperate and comply with this policy will face disciplinary actions and possible school suspension.