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Community Partner Program

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Partnerships with Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School enable area businesses, civic and non-profit organizations as well as alumni and neighbors to enact positive change by sharing experiences, opportunities and resources.

Our goal is to build a stronger, more engaged and interconnected community in support of public education, student achievement and lifelong success. Objectives include:

  • Reinforce educational excellence on every level.
  • Increase student achievement, civic engagement and community service.
  • Provide real-world educational experience to open minds and spark imaginations.
  • Advance academics, technology, the arts and athletics.

Support excellence in education at TJ.

There are a number of ways you can engage with our school. Consider the value or perspective your organization can provide and where it would be best utilized. What’s important to you? Potential areas for engagement include:

  • Workplace shadows
  • Internships
  • Guest speakers
  • Summer jobs
  • Community service for students
  • School improvements
  • Classroom or individual student needs
  • Grants
  • Product/service donations
  • Teacher/staff appreciation gifts
  • Club or sport sponsorships
  • Volunteer coaching
  • Tutoring or mentoring
  • And more…

TJ’s pool of student talent can also help achieve something unique for your organization. Have students support a newsletter, video, art, photography or other special project. Have other ideas? Let us know!

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Program Contacts

Spring Hericks, 72-878-1352,

Joanne Moreno, 303-691-7000,