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COVID Resources

COVID vaccines are available for those 12 and older by appointment. These appointments can be scheduled by calling 303-602-8958.  

At TJ, we are committed to keeping students and staff safe, and keeping the community informed during these uncertain times.

If a TJ student is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME. Additionally, we recommend the student receives a Covid test within 24 hours of experiencing symptoms. If a TJ student tests positive for Covid, follow these steps:

  1. Report to School Nurse, Ally Larocque, at 720-423-7061 – Ally Larocque will email the students’ teachers and school counselor 
  2. Call Rebecca Moore, at the Attendance Line, to excuse the students’ attendance at 720-423-7041  
  3. Student should stay home for at least 5 days. They can return to school after symptoms have improved and are fever free for 24 hours, without medication. Symptoms do not need to fully resolve before return to school.
  4. Student should wear a mask for 5 days following return to school. The CDC recommends this to decrease the risk of getting others sick.
Please refer to the links below for more specific information regarding testing, quarantine procedures, and more:
COVID-19 Screening and COVID-19 Testing Decision Tree August 2022
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