Thomas Jefferson

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The faculty and staff at Thomas Jefferson are dedicated to preparing students for success in high school and beyond. Many are alumni, parents of current or past students, and coaches for the school’s athletic teams. Over 62% have earned Masters Degrees or more, and the staff boasts more than 450 collective years in education.

We have a vested interest in maximizing the success of each student, and strive to provide a true family environment for all. Given the smaller size of the school, our teachers and staff are able to get to know students on a deeper level. As a result of our size, students find the learning environment at TJ to be safe, comfortable, friendly and personalized.

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Name Title Department Email
Adair, Eileen CCT Magnet Teacher
Allen, Carla Treasurer
Allen, Cynthia Records Secretary
Almond, Jeff English Teacher
Anderson, Jeremy Counselor
Andolsek, Sara CCT Pro Tech
Aubert, Kathleen Speech Therapist
Barber, Nina World Language Teacher
Behling, Garien Social Studies Teacher
Black, Kerry SPED Teacher
Bond, Aimee Math Teacher
Bromley, Corielyn Science Teacher
Burns, Bill PE Teacher
Butera, Brett Science Teacher
Campbell, Dennis JROTC Instructor
Cantrell, Sarah ELA Specialist
Charles, Danyelle Office Manager
Christoff, Mike Principal
Cisneros, Kendra Social Studies Teacher
Colbath, Sharon Science Teacher
Conroy, Tom Facility Operations Supervisor
Croom, Paul SPED Teacher
Davis, Samanda Social Worker
Dwire-Elliott, Teresa AVID
Escobedo, Stephanie Athletics Secretary
Esparza, Jerry CCT Magnet Teacher
Estlund, Linda Social Studies Teacher
Fornstrom, Stacey CCT Magnet Teacher
Forrester, Will CCT Magnet Teacher
Fox, Leonard Art Teacher
Frydman, Carlie Science Teacher
Gaines, Charles JROTC Instructor
Gates, Kelly SPED Teacher
Godoy, Victor Social Studies Teacher
Guenthner, Alicia SPED Teacher
Hammel, Paula Assistant Principal
Hanks, Marshall School Tech Resource
Hopeck, Rebecca SPED Teacher
Jackson, Rossanda ELA Specialist
Jackson, Kyler World Language Teacher
Janczak, Sabrina World Language Teacher
Johns, Scott JROTC Instructor
Johnson, Robin Music Teacher
Koncz, Natalie School Psychologist
Kontrelos, Michael SPED Teacher
Laman, Grant CCT Magnet Teacher
Laurita, Mike Dean of Students
Lynch, Elizabeth SPED Teacher
Maez, Rena Future Center College Advisor
Marcotte, Lauren Science Teacher
McMahon, Elizabeth Math Teacher
Meyer, Suzanne Math Teacher
Moore, Rebecca Attendance Secretary
Moreno, Joanne Administrative Assistant
Nichols, Lacye Art Teacher
Nicolo, Matt Business Teacher
Nicolo, Brittany PE Teacher
Owens, Tim Math Teacher
Palek, Lauren English Teacher
Palmieri, Michael Drama Teacher
Parra, Christina Math Teacher
Perry, Eric SPED Teacher
Poole, Jon Social Studies Teacher
Poulos, Amanda Math Teacher
Pratarelli, Nick Math Teacher
Reed, Tambyr Music
Rice, Anne Athletic Director
Santambrogio, Matt CCT Magnet Teacher
Serrano, Kristine School Nurse
Sheehan, Jason English Teacher
Silvers, Sean English Teacher
Skari, Andrew Assistant Principal
Smith, Mark Social Studies Teacher
Sonheim, Jenn SPED Teacher
Spampinato, Matt CCT Program Director
Spivey, Jill Intervention Teacher
Starbuck, Dana Math Teacher
Stephenson, Jennifer English Teacher
Stone, Stephanie Counselor
Thibodeau, Julie Administrative Assistant
Thomas, Scott Science Teacher
Thompson, Erin Counselor
Valencia, Lynne English Teacher
Van Norden, Betty Registration Secretary
Vore, Nelson Science Teacher
Weaver, Brian GT Itinerant
Wilson, Amber English Teacher
Yantas, Marcelino World Language Teacher
Zamarron, Leonardo Assistant Facility Manager IV