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The Annual RundownPosted 05/23/2023 by Campbell Mahoney

As the semester draws to a close, TJ Spartans remember and reflect on the events of the 2022-23 school year. Truly the first normal year since COVID, the 2022-23 school year has been full of ups and d... More

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go”Posted 05/23/2023 by Makayla Vasquez

The end of the year brings fun events that build the TJ community and help send the seniors off on their next big adventure. The first normal year back in school after COVID is quickly coming to an en... More

Pay-As-You-ThrowPosted 05/10/2023 by Maria Goergen

Denver has a new plan for waste management, which involves residents paying for trash collection. In January of 2023, the City of Denver introduced a new policy for waste management. The initiative in... More

The Colorado River CrisisPosted 05/09/2023 by Jesse Smith

A decades-long drought has affected the Colorado River, and states surrounding the historic waterway are suffering. The Colorado River spans 1,450 miles across the southwestern U.S., flowing through s... More

Diaz’s Dress DrivePosted 05/05/2023 by Alexa Tsvetkov

A TJ senior has set up a way for prom dresses to be more accessible to the TJ community. Prom is right around the corner and the end of the year rituals are coming fast. Prom dresses and accessories a... More

Rock Hurling KillersPosted 05/05/2023 by Ben Hartley

Three 18 year-olds from Colorado have been charged with first-degree murder after throwing rocks at passing cars. Alexa Bartell was just twenty years old when a rock smashed through the windshield of ... More

SkillsUS YAYPosted 05/02/2023 by Ravi Apte

TJ’s SkillsUSA team competed in the state competition and came out victorious. Thomas Jefferson High School competed at the SkillsUSA state competition in Pueblo on April 3-4th. TJ’s SkillsUSA cha... More

Spirit Week – Week of April 24-28Posted 04/21/2023 by EADAIR

It’s the final spirit week of the year, Spartans! Be sure to step up and participate!... More

Raising RestrictionsPosted 04/15/2023 by Farah Djama

The RESTRICT Act  is a new piece of legislation currently being debated in the House and Senate that is facing many criticisms for its vague language.  It’s no surprise that TikTok, an app wit... More

Society SolutionsPosted 04/10/2023 by Maria Goergen

The National Honors Society has participated in several events and has new plans for the club. The community organization National Honor Society (NHS) allows high school students to lead a life of ser... More