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A Fair For The FuturePosted 05/20/2024 by Carlie Quinney

The Career Fair was a successful event that brought students one step closer to their desired future.  This year, on the 11th of April, Thomas Jefferson High School held its very first Skilled Trades... More

TJ’s Environment is ChangingPosted 05/15/2024 by Jesse Smith

Mr. Butera, science teacher at TJ, is going half-time, meaning APES classes will be taking a hit.  AP Environmental Science, also known as APES, is one of the many Advanced Placement (AP) classes off... More

SkillsUSA Bringing Home the GoldPosted 05/13/2024 by Emanuel Morales-Gomez

Thomas Jefferson’s SkillsUSA chapter returned from their state conference with a new perspective on SkillsUSA and everything that goes into it. After eight months of hard work, the highly anticipate... More

Girls On The GreenPosted 05/11/2024 by Makayla Vasquez

As the spring semester quickly comes to an end, the girls’ golf team is back on the course for another great season.  In the realm of high school sports, where football and basketball often steal t... More

Rock’n RobotsPosted 05/06/2024 by Mattie Brightwell

This year marked another incredible milestone for the TJ robotics team, which placed an impressive second place at the Arizona regionals competition. Not many people can fathom the work it takes to bu... More

From Paper to PixelsPosted 05/03/2024 by Ben Scherer

The SAT has been administered with paper and pencil since 1926, but as of Spring 2024, it is now digital.  A new field for standardized tests, many students are ready to welcome the new digital Schol... More

News for Spartans, by SpartansPosted 05/02/2024 by Max Feierstein

Diving behind the scenes of the Thomas Jefferson High School news station. In the CCT hallway of Thomas Jefferson High School, periods one and two are action packed with bustling students working on c... More

Coach CalvinPosted 05/02/2024 by Ben Hartley

This spring, assistant boys’ tennis coach Calvin Alexander joined the girls’ tennis program as head coach.  The TJ Girls’ Tennis team has had a positive first half of their season with five win... More

Same Body, Separate LivesPosted 05/01/2024 by Ben Hartley

The world’s oldest conjoined twins have passed away at age 62.  On April 7th, the oldest pair of conjoined twins, 62 year olds Lori and George Schappel, passed away at the hospital of the Universit... More

Power In ProtestsPosted 05/01/2024 by Farah Djama

After seeing United Nations reports and the live accounts of many Palestinian Journalists, many Coloradans took the streets to demand a ceasefire and a change.  According to a UN News report publishe... More