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Never-Ending TalentPosted 05/20/2020 by Kaylee Held

Though the last three months of school were canceled, the after school activities continue to live on through students’ passions. One of TJ’s most beloved end-of-the-year events will always be the... More

Testing RemotelyPosted 05/20/2020 by Ben Abram

Due to the impact of COVID-19, AP Testing is currently taking place at home in a form that has never been done before. The year of 2020 has been met with significant setbacks, however, every person wh... More

Ryan’s QuaranTUNESPosted 05/19/2020 by Ryan Moe

With some extra time on my hands, I’ve spent a lot of it listening to both new and old music. 2020; What. A. Year.  With a near World War 3, a global pandemic, and now giant killer bees, this year ... More

Virtual HonorPosted 05/18/2020 by Madelyn Staples

Graduating seniors were celebrated for their accomplishments.  As the high school experience comes to an end for seniors, select students are invited to an awards ceremony to celebrate their successe... More

Summer BenefitsPosted 05/18/2020 by Destiny Hernandez

When summer comes around, teenagers usually have more time to enjoy the day and relax, and sometimes, there’s nothing to do and some of these suggestions could help students decide what is best to d... More

Working Out the StressPosted 05/15/2020 by Madelyn Staples

During this troubling and unsettling time, several people have taken this extended break to begin or continue their fitness journey. Thousands of athletes have had their seasons, games, and training c... More

Online TransitionPosted 05/14/2020 by Chase Bellomo

Students and teachers alike at Thomas Jefferson are continuing to adapt to online learning. The Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in the lives of Americans across the country, as well as individuals all... More

A Life Saving OthersPosted 05/13/2020 by Nakya Castille

A security guard has to put his life on the line in order to provide for his family and try to save others. COVID-19 seems to be the only topic being talked about in the last few months, whether that ... More

COVID from the FrontlinesPosted 05/13/2020 by Tess Ware

COVID affects every family differently; here is one TJ family’s experience. My mother, Eden Hankins, has been an OBGYN Nurse Practitioner for 25 years. With COVID-19 in full swing, she states, “I ... More

An Unexpected EndingPosted 05/11/2020 by Amelia Carpenter

With the sudden changes to the school year due to COVID-19, seniors try to make the best out of their circumstances.  Just as the Thomas Jefferson graduating class of 2020 was preparing to celebrate ... More