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The Final Push of 2019Posted 12/12/2019 by Ben Abram

As the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, students are in the midst of a whirlwind of pressures, and can lose sight of the importance of finals. Although the past 18 weeks h... More

Senior Army Instructor Award of the YearPosted 12/12/2019 by Nakya Castille

On November 8th, one of TJ’s very own Spartans received a prestigious award. Thomas Jefferson’s own Major Dennis Campbell received the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) Award of the year, a worldwide h... More

TJ Takes on the Denver Rescue MissionPosted 12/11/2019 by Avery LoJacono

Thomas Jefferson’s Leadership class spent the day helping with the Denver Rescue Mission’s Thanksgiving tradition. This past month, the Leadership class at Thomas Jefferson High School was able to... More

Attain and SustainPosted 12/11/2019 by Georgia Hartley

Students from the Sustainability Club are working towards creating a more environmentally-friendly community at TJ.  Thomas Jefferson’s Sustainability Club is kicking things into high gear.  The c... More

Glorious DeloresPosted 12/09/2019 by Jael Iyema

Delores Leslie talks about her educational journey from being a paraprofessional to getting her degree in special education. On the hunt for a job, Delores Leslie was looking for a school to start her... More

Me Llamo Señora TrimarchiPosted 12/09/2019 by Tess Ware

A great new Spanish teacher, Mrs. Trimarchi,  was welcomed into the TJ Community this year.  Teaching at a new school is never easy, but for Jamie Trimarchi, becoming a TJ Spartan is just another ad... More

SpARTan MuralPosted 12/09/2019 by Chase Bellomo

Recently the North side of the building got a makeover with a new mural. Thomas Jefferson welcomed a new piece of art to the numerous other works all over the school; a mural was painted on the side o... More

The Fight for Indigenous People’s DayPosted 12/08/2019 by Savignon Swimmer

Native Communities across America unite to establish a holiday celebrating their history. “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” is the rhyme taught to children, teaching them the history of h... More

Special ConnectionsPosted 12/08/2019 by Destiny Hernandez

The Hispanic and Latino club has been a great success so far by helping families feel supported.  The Hispanic and Latino Club is made up of a group of students at Thomas Jefferson High School who be... More

Chase’s Guide to Time ManagementPosted 12/08/2019 by Chase Bellomo

We all need to practice and find little things in our lives to help us manage time. Time is something that people have always wanted more of in their lives. There are only so many hours in each day, s... More