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Author: Cora Grabel

Trump on the BallotPosted 03/20/2024 by Cora Grabel

The court case Trump v Anderson might have had an immense and controversial impact on the 2024 presidential election.  In September of 2023, six Colorado voters filed a court case stating that former... More

The Economy is… ComplicatedPosted 02/23/2024 by Cora Grabel

Many Americans are very pessimistic about the US economy, but several factors indicate the economy is growing, so what is causing this disparity? Disclaimer: I am not an economist, just a high school ... More

A Biased Boom in Book BansPosted 12/04/2023 by Cora Grabel

Among the skyrocketing book bans across the country, a troubling trend has emerged:  books written by people of color or queer authors, or books that contain diverse characters, are disproportionatel... More

Become a Star in AP SeminarPosted 11/27/2023 by Cora Grabel

TJ is one of many schools to offer an AP Seminar class, which prepares students for college by teaching them how to research, work in groups, structure their writing, and more. AP Seminar is one of th... More

A Big Victory for the Montana ClimatePosted 10/22/2023 by Cora Grabel

A group of young Montanans have won a lawsuit against the state that alleged the state’s use of fossil fuels has violated their constitutional rights. Climate change is a big issue – one that ... More

A Troubled HousePosted 10/20/2023 by Cora Grabel

Just days after the threat of what seemed like an inevitable government shutdown was averted, chaos engulfed the House of Representatives once again.  What began with the threat of a government shutd... More