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Community service is an important element in the Spartan community and in the world. Through service, students gain an understanding of global and local issues, and develop compassion and empathy for people in need. They learn that by investing in their community, they are also making an important investment in themselves. Colleges and universities understand this relationship, and want students who have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in their schools and society at large.

All Spartan students are encouraged to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service prior to graduation, or at least 10 per year. Forms are available in the main office or from Mr. Danny Showers in room 108. These must be validated by representatives of the organizations for whom service hours are performed or by a parent, and then turned in for credit to Mr. Showers in room 108.

TJ students perform community service on campus and for a range of programs and organizations including: elementary and middle schools, nursing homes, faith centers, and various non-profits throughout the City of Denver and surrounding communities.

Community Service Form


Colorado Young Leaders (CYL)
Additionally, students may also become members of CYL, one of TJ’s community partners, and create an online profile to track community service hours. The goal of the program is to create strong leaders who positively contribute to our community while also meeting school requirements and becoming better positioned for college acceptance (plus having a ton of FUN!). Benefits to students include:

  1. Training on leadership curriculum endorsed by the University of Denver’s Pioneer Leadership Program (PLP).
  2. Alignment with CYL-led service adventures and/or connections to nonprofit organizations that are of interest.
  3. Utilization of CYL’s service learning model to help reflect upon and grow from experiences.

There is no cost to join, and most volunteer opportunities have no cost to participate (some extra special opportunities do have a cost, though scholarships are available). Simply show up, meet some amazing people and volunteer for the projects that speak to you. For more information and to set up a profile to track your hours, go to