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Author: Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

Making a MarkPosted 04/30/2024 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

Campbell Mahoney works hard behind the scenes to help create a positive environment at Thomas Jefferson High School. Campbell Mahoney is a vivacious senior at TJ who participates in various ways acros... More

A Night at the OscarsPosted 04/17/2024 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

This year, the annual Oscars award ceremony had a lot to offer, especially because of the release of Barbie and Oppenheimer. The 2024 Oscars was a riveting awards ceremony that captured the beauty of ... More

(Un)Written in the StarsPosted 03/20/2024 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

Anyone But You is the most recent rom-com that features the beauty of complicated relationships that lead to romantic love stories.  Anyone But You is a phenomenal new romantic comedy starring Sydney... More

Sensational SaltburnPosted 02/02/2024 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

This movie has gained popularity on social media for capturing the beauty and craziness of young adulthood, though it may not be the type of crazy that comes to mind. The movie Saltburn has taken the ... More

The Queen of Rock and RollPosted 12/08/2023 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

Everyone has wanted to marry their celebrity crush at some point, but Priscilla Presley lived the “dream” when she married Elvis. From the ‘50s until his death in the ‘70s, Elvis Presley was a... More

A Vibrant Celebration of Love and DeathPosted 11/10/2023 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

From sugar skulls to marigolds, Day of the Dead captures the essence of a tradition that celebrates life and remembrance. Dia de los Muertos, which translates to Day of the Dead, has been celebrated a... More

Game, Set, MatchPosted 09/28/2023 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

The fall sports season is coming to an end and Thomas Jefferson’s boys’ tennis team is one of the many sports that has been able to capture the essence of team spirit. Tennis is an exhilarating sp... More

Tragedy Strikes GreecePosted 09/15/2023 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

Wildfires burned down parts of Greece in the past month destroying agriculture and homes in the process. With its beautiful beaches and delicious food, many people view Greece as a wonderful place to ... More