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An Alarming Threat to AvocadosPosted 03/10/2022 by Lauren Maggio

In the middle of February, the United States temporarily banned avocado imports from Mexico after U.S. workers received a threat from an unknown source. Many people across the United States panicked w... More

Back In BeijingPosted 03/10/2022 by Addison Smith

The 2022 Olympic Winter games were presented with many challenges, but participating athletes overcame these obstacles and represented their countries.  The Olympics represent the time where athletes... More

The Russians Bring Scandal to the IcePosted 03/07/2022 by Kira Kennedy

In the 2022 Winter Olympics, a Russian figure skater tested positive for a drug that is banned from the Olympics. There have been multiple scandals at the recent 2022 Winter Olympics, mostly surroundi... More

Ya Like Jazz?Posted 03/03/2022 by David Lopez-Vences

Students who are looking for a fun environment to improve their musical skills can do so with Thomas Jefferson’s Jazz Band.  Jazz Band has been around for many years. The after-school club allows s... More

Insensitive and InadequatePosted 03/03/2022 by Eleanor Benson

Lauren Smith-Fields was found dead in her apartment; her family and the public had to advocate for acknowledgment and justice.  Lauren Smith-Fields was a young black woman studying to become a physic... More

Difficult Conversations Break StereotypesPosted 03/03/2022 by McKenzy Perkins

TJ students realize the importance of Black History Month due to efforts made by both BSA and staff members.  Thomas Jefferson High School is no stranger to inclusivity and community. Over the month ... More

The Controversy Behind The Heart Posted 03/01/2022 by McKenzy Perkins

Disagreements arise about the first successful animal to human organ transplant.  On January 14th, 2022, one of the most groundbreaking surgeries of the twenty-first century was performed, changing t... More

After An InsurrectionPosted 03/01/2022 by Shana Saint-Phard

New information has been exposed after investigations about the January 6th Insurrection by the Select Committee.  For many Americans, the events of the attack on the United States Capitol on January... More

No News was Bad NewsPosted 03/01/2022 by Sara Medina

Former CNN president resigns under serious circumstances, leaving the network in turmoil.  On Wednesday, February 2nd, the former president of Cable News Network (CNN) worldwide, Jeff Zucker, officia... More

Historic Hip Hop HalftimePosted 03/01/2022 by Eliana Channell

Five iconic musical artists performed an exciting halftime show at the 56th annual Super Bowl.   After a very intense 56th Annual Super Bowl, people are not just talking about the Rams win, but the p... More