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Sources of StrengthPosted 05/10/2020 by Savignon Swimmer

Students work to cultivate a welcoming and open culture around mental health at TJ. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 3.2 percent (1.9 million) of adolescents have been ... More

Equal Rights for All?Posted 05/09/2020 by Tess Ware

The Equal Rights Amendment was a proposed amendment for women to be treated equally.  The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that was designed to guarantee... More

Snacking at HomePosted 05/08/2020 by Amelia Carpenter

Get creative with these simple and easy recipes to help pass the time while staying at home.  With boredom setting in as the stay at home order continues, it can be hard to find activities to occupy ... More

Resilience is In StockPosted 05/08/2020 by Ava Ward

As the world grapples with the effects of the coronavirus, grocery store employees are diligently working to provide their communities with essential resources. On the afternoon of Friday, March 13th,... More

Weekends in the WoodsPosted 05/06/2020 by Atlas Zaina

It can be scary going up to the mountains with a group of fifth-graders, but everything will be okay. Being a citizen of Colorado gives many the opportunity to fall in love with the mountains and the ... More

Lockers Full of PridePosted 05/01/2020 by Ryan Moe

The new locker room boosts the morale of many Spartan athletes. Thomas Jefferson High School made another grand new addition to the already reconstructed school, but this one has flown under the radar... More

If a Tree Falls…Posted 04/22/2020 by Savignon Swimmer

A multitude of issues plaguing the Native American community goes unseen. Each race faces their own unique challenges that require their community to stand united in order to solve them, but there is ... More

Preparing for the FuturePosted 04/22/2020 by Destiny Hernandez

SAT and ACT testing is a huge part of a junior’s life and students should decide which option is the best.  Testing is an essential part of being in high school, whether a student decides they ... More

Roaring into the TwentiesPosted 04/14/2020 by Nakya Castille

 Students from the DPS JROTC high school programs attended the 80th celebration of the military ball, a formal event that honors and celebrates fallen soldiers. In honor of fallen soldiers and those ... More

The Pack ReturnsPosted 04/04/2020 by Jack Ciulla

Wolves have finally made a return to the state of Colorado. The Gray Wolf  Pack has made its way into Colorado, being the first pack here since the 1930/40s. Occasional sightings of singular wolves h... More