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Author: Ben Scherer

Substitute Teacher Shortages are no JokePosted 11/08/2023 by Ben Scherer

The ongoing substitute teacher shortage is affecting many schools around the country, but there might be a solution. Students may not know it, but substitute teachers play a vital role in keeping educ... More

Inspiring Students With the Magical Wonders of MathPosted 11/03/2023 by Ben Scherer

One TJ teacher has ventured back into the world of AP Calculus after years of teaching other courses. Brock Strickland, who is a well-known and well-loved teacher has been teaching TJ mathematics for ... More

Tarantula InvasionPosted 09/26/2023 by Ben Scherer

Tarantulas have “invaded” the southeastern plains of Colorado in search of love.  Got arachnophobia? Colorado may not be the place for those who fear eight-legged creatures. It’s that time of t... More