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Author: Kira McBarron

What’s the Hokey Pokey all about?Posted 05/24/2024 by Kira McBarron

Everyone knows when to put their right hand in, then out, and shake it all about, but the small jig has an unexpected twist to it. The Hokey Pokey (also known as the Hokey Cokey or even the Okey Cokey... More

The World’s Funniest PhilosopherPosted 05/24/2024 by Kira McBarron

A funny philosopher? What is this, a comic strip? Emil Cioran (pronounced like Chi-ron) was a Romanian philosopher who once said he’d rather be anything than Romanian. Despite his self-hatred and di... More

StrikaversaryPosted 03/01/2024 by Kira McBarron

February 11th marks five years since Denver teachers left their classrooms and fought against their district. Between annual marches, organized walkouts, and even worldwide protests for a call-to-acti... More

Madame FrançaisePosted 12/11/2023 by Kira McBarron

Sabrina Janczak has been the one and only French teacher at TJ for the past decade.  After she moved from Paris to Florida in her mid-20’s, following her parents to their French restaurant, Sabrina... More

Concert to Movie PipelinePosted 12/08/2023 by Kira McBarron

Global superstars are putting film crews on their stages during sets to get up-close, high quality results for fans who either couldn’t afford front row seats or missed out on the concert experi... More

1958 Cuban GP – When F1 Met Political LeveragePosted 11/15/2023 by Kira McBarron

One Argentinian Formula 1 driver, in the golden days of flammable suits and an absence of seatbelts, changed the world. Juan Manuel Fangio, nicknamed El Chueco (bow-legged), was a force to be reckoned... More

Hollywood on StrikePosted 09/20/2023 by Kira McBarron

A recent strike has put a hold on Hollywood productions until a resolution can be found. Hollywood is at a crossroads, and not just about special effects or blockbuster hits. As the entertainment indu... More