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The Unknown Hero of the WorkforcePosted 11/16/2023 by Emanuel Morales-Gomez

SkillsUSA is changing the future workforce by giving students essential skills they need to close the skills gap. According to Forbes magazine, “eighty-seven percent of organizations ‘know they ha... More

Tragic Death on the IcePosted 11/15/2023 by Max Feierstein

Professional Hockey has forever been changed as a freak death on the ice shocks the sports world.  American-born hockey player Adam Johnson died in a freak hockey skating accident. He was playing a g... More

Mosquitos Agree to Host the West Nile VirusPosted 11/12/2023 by Carlie Quinney

 Cases are rocketing in multiple parts of the United States.  In the United States, cases of the West Nile Virus (WNV) are increasing rapidly. WNV is a mosquito-borne virus that was first discovered... More

Colorado Climate Change CatastrophesPosted 11/11/2023 by Riley Rimkus

The rise in global warming poses large issues to Colorado’s environment and society. Climate change is an issue that is not limited to the endangered arctic animals and melting ice caps. The western... More

The $245 Million Dollar GamePosted 11/10/2023 by Miles Kahn

The Denver Broncos had not beat the Kansas City Chiefs since September 17th, 2015.  Until the explosion of a game that took place on October 29th, the Denver Broncos had a continuous loss streak agai... More

Welcoming WolvesPosted 11/10/2023 by Laine Gaherty

Colorado will be reintroducing wolves into the state by the end of 2023. Colorado is known for its diverse wildlife that calls the Rocky Mountains home. The different ecosystems allow for many animals... More

“The One Where We Lost a Friend”Posted 11/10/2023 by Alexa Tsvetkov

Beloved Friends actor Matthew Perry was found dead at the age of 54. On October 28th at approximately 4 p.m., actor and author Matthew Perry was found dead at his home in Los Angeles. The actor return... More

Maine MassacrePosted 11/10/2023 by Ben Hartley

The shooter’s family warned officials he was a violent threat before the devastating incident unfolded. The 25th of October marks the state of Maine’s worst shooting to date. On that Wednesday nig... More

A Vibrant Celebration of Love and DeathPosted 11/10/2023 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

From sugar skulls to marigolds, Day of the Dead captures the essence of a tradition that celebrates life and remembrance. Dia de los Muertos, which translates to Day of the Dead, has been celebrated a... More

Taylor’s Version TakeoverPosted 11/09/2023 by Magnolia McLain

The fourth of six albums Taylor Swift plans to re-record, 1989, was released less than two weeks after the theater premier of the Eras Tour film. Taylor’s Version of her fifth studio album, 1989, wa... More