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Everlasting Energy Posted 03/01/2022 by David Lopez-Vences

European scientists break records in their journey towards obtaining practical nuclear fusion.  In February of 2022, members of the Joint European Torus (JET) Laboratory made much-needed progress tow... More

Shakin’ Up South Carolina Posted 02/24/2022 by Caitlin Quinney

Scientists are stunned by ten recent and continuous earthquakes in South Carolina. Approximately 10 to 15 earthquakes are recorded annually in South Carolina with three to five of them felt or noticed... More

A Pandemic Produced ProblemPosted 02/17/2022 by Eliana Channell

Over the last couple years COVID-19 has caused a multitude of problems, and this year at Thomas Jefferson is no different.  COVID-19 has caused many changes in the world, but more specifically in edu... More

Late Start Schedule – Thursday, February 17Posted 02/17/2022 by EADAIR

All DPS schools are delayed by two hours on Thursday, Feb. 17th, due to severe weather. Special schedule as follows: Period 1: 9:30 – 10:10 Period 2: 10:14 – 10:49 Period 3: 10:53 – 11:28 Lu... More

The Simple Cell SolutionPosted 02/16/2022 by Maria Goergen

TJ implements a new phone policy in response to TJ instagram accounts. A new semester brings new challenges and changes with the new phone policy that Thomas Jefferson High School has implemented. Som... More

Crypto-ConundrumPosted 02/16/2022 by Ben Morlan

Cryptocurrency is on the rise around the world. Cryptocurrency is a digital and peer-to-peer based form of money used for online transactions. It started in 2009 with Bitcoin which emerged from the gl... More

A Regression in Race RightsPosted 02/13/2022 by Campbell Mahoney

The Supreme Court challenges a landmark case that has encouraged diversity in schools and allowed for more minority success.  In October of 2022, the affirmative action policies at Harvard and Univer... More

The Electric Expansion Of TeslaPosted 02/13/2022 by Deqa Muse

Tesla opens a new dealership in Xinjiang, China, generating different reactions.  Tesla opened a new dealership in the Xinjiang region of China. This incited rage and criticism from the west as the r... More

Lack of Regulation—Lack of SafetyPosted 02/10/2022 by McKenzy Perkins

Multiple schools across the country are walking out in protest of a lack of COVID-19 regulations.  As COVID-19 cases have surged over the past few months due to the spread of the new variant, Omicron... More

TJ Spirit Week 2/14-2/18Posted 02/07/2022 by Avery LoJacono

Feel the love with this year’s Valentine’s Day Spirit Week. With COVID-19 still limiting events that are typical for a normal year, Thomas Jefferson High School is still carrying on their traditio... More