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Author: Mattie Brightwell

Fighting Fire AlarmsPosted 05/10/2023 by Mattie Brightwell

Meet the firefighters of Station 22, TJ’s local station, who spent more than enough days on campus, thanks to several false alarms this year. Kids have practiced fire drills in school since kinderga... More

The Melting Pot at the End of the RainbowPosted 03/15/2023 by Mattie Brightwell

Saint Patrick’s Day is widely regarded as an Irish holiday, but most of the familiar traditions are actually American- this is what happens when different holidays join America’s cultural melting ... More

Troubles Off CampusPosted 02/22/2023 by Mattie Brightwell

In the past few years, businesses have dealt with unruly behavior from students in several schools across Colorado – including TJ. One of the many added benefits of being a high schooler is the ... More

Triggers, Not ToysPosted 01/23/2023 by Mattie Brightwell

The new year kicked off with another school shooting tragedy– what happens when a child as young as six shoots his own teacher? Violence statistics in America haven’t decreased recently. Nearly ev... More

Honing their Motor SkillsPosted 12/02/2022 by Mattie Brightwell

Sparta Robotica students work hard every day to prepare for competitions and individually prepare for colleges and careers in STEM. The Thomas Jefferson High School Robotics team is a part of the scho... More

Webb of the UniversePosted 12/01/2022 by Mattie Brightwell

As 2023 draws closer, humanity is exploring deeper into the universe than ever before. For science, the question still remains: what’s out there? James Webb may provide the answers. Recently, NASA... More

Justice Demanded In IranPosted 11/15/2022 by Mattie Brightwell

The murder of Mahsa Amini, a young woman in Iran, has kicked off protests all across the world, demanding a change in Iran’s government and laws.  Earlier this year, Iran began several protests and... More

Saskatchewan StabbingPosted 09/20/2022 by Mattie Brightwell

A mass stabbing in the James Smith Cree Nation leaves ten dead and 18 injured – Canada’s most deadly mass stabbing in the country’s history. On September 3, 2022, two brothers began what is ... More