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Author: Campbell Mahoney

Hidden FacesPosted 11/29/2021 by Campbell Mahoney

The truth behind attending online school as a freshman.  Every year of middle school is simply about getting prepared for high school. All you want to do is graduate so that you can go on to high sch... More

A Helping Hand for the HolidaysPosted 11/18/2021 by Campbell Mahoney

The SkillsUSA food drive is helping families find a source of food just in time for the holiday season.  Hunger and the need for food play a massive role in any human being’s life. It drives our mo... More

Bryan’s BenefitsPosted 11/12/2021 by Campbell Mahoney

The girls volleyball program at TJ has been flourishing thanks to the new head coach, Denny Bryan.  With a winning record of 18-7, the varsity volleyball team has been killing it this year. They have... More

The Reproduction RebellionPosted 10/20/2021 by Campbell Mahoney

A new abortion law in Texas prevents women from getting abortions. Women’s reproductive rights have consistently been a highly controversial topic in America. From Roe v. Wade, a law enacted in 1973... More