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Author: Riley Rimkus

Colorado Climate Change CatastrophesPosted 11/11/2023 by Riley Rimkus

The rise in global warming poses large issues to Colorado’s environment and society. Climate change is an issue that is not limited to the endangered arctic animals and melting ice caps. The western... More

Barbie vs Oppenheimer – Battle of the BlockbustersPosted 10/23/2023 by Riley Rimkus

Two recent movies with unique messages sparked conversations about their lessons in the wider world. On July 21, 2023, two movies took theaters around the world by storm: Barbie and Oppenheimer. Diffe... More

Torrential Troubles in LibyaPosted 10/05/2023 by Riley Rimkus

Floods have ravaged Libya, leaving the country in ruins while people search for who is at fault. On September 9, Storm Daniel passed through Libya, causing two dams to become overwhelmed with water an... More