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Snowy Adventures Await

Posted 12/12/2023 by Riley Rimkus

With heaps of snow on the ground, Colorado becomes a wonderland of activities that uses the cold weather to its advantage. photo by Getty Images

Various activities in Colorado can take you out of your house into a winter wonderland this holiday season.

With winter right around the corner in Colorado, temperatures are dropping as snow coats the ground. While this could make some want to stay inside, there are a variety of fun activities to partake in outside of the house. 

Admire Christmas Lights

For a low-cost, low-energy activity that is accessible to anyone, hop in a car and look at the spectacular holiday decorations. At this time of year, there are many eye-catching Christmas lights adorning houses and businesses. Downtown Denver is a great location to go see these embellished buildings either from your car or on foot. Bring some blankets and hot chocolate to stay cozy and take in the view. 

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides

Horse-drawn sleigh rides are a low energy activity that allows riders to enjoy the streets in a festive way with friends and family. Locations are spread out all around Colorado from Breckenridge to Durango. A driver steers the sleigh, allowing passengers to be whisked through snow-covered wonderlands without a worry. Riders can enjoy the views underneath a warm blanket while spending quality time with loved ones around the holidays. 

Hot Springs

Although there might be snow on the ground, hot springs stay warm year-round. This is a pleasant outdoor activity that allows you to stay warm while enjoying the natural glory of Colorado. Some hot springs, such as the ones in Strawberry Park, are surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes while others like Glenwood Springs Pool are located in urban areas with accessible accommodations. Either way, a visit to the hot springs is sure to provide relaxation and even health benefits such as increased blood circulation and improved skin irritation. 

Ice Skating

When looking for an activity to get your body moving, ice skating is a great option. Annually in downtown Denver, there is an ice skating rink open for free to anyone and skates are available to rent at the location. You are able to grab some food at a nearby business and make an afternoon out of the experience. Kids with MY Denver passes can rent skates for a discounted price. People of all skill levels are welcome, making it the perfect group activity. 

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is yet another recreational activity that allows you to hang out in the snow. It involves sitting in an inflatable inner tube while flying down a snowy hill, sending adrenaline through you. Tubing hills are located throughout the state, with some as close to Denver as the Idaho Springs Tubing Hill. Double tubes are available for rides with others and the activity requires no skill, making it an excellent family endeavor. 

Ice Fishing

While you will need to bundle up, ice fishing provides a hands-on way to enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty. With our close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, there are many lakes nearby in both alpine and suburban settings. There are ways to rent the equipment for ice fishing, like large drills, but stores also sell the supplies for those with a greater interest. 


If you are looking for an activity with a little more guidance, you could take a snowmobile tour. These vary in location and cost around Colorado, but each is guaranteed fun with tours showcasing the beautiful mountains. Snowmobiles are also available for rent if you are interested in making your own excursion into a winter wonderland. 


Colorado is known globally for the skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the Rocky Mountains. This activity is not limited to specific age groups; anyone can try. With many different locations, such as Copper, Keystone, Vail, and Breckenridge, people can try out many different slopes to find their favorite. 

Ice Climbing

If an adventurous outdoor activity is on your mind, ice climbing could be for you. This is where people ascend walls of frozen water using special equipment, similar to rock climbing on ice. In Colorado, the Ouray Ice Park is an excellent option as it provides many opportunities for climbers and is free to enter. The supplies can be rented in Ouray, just make sure to bring your own warm clothes.