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Conference ChaosPosted 10/21/2023 by Max Feierstein

The NCAA football conference realignment has caused mayhem in the world of college sports. As college football continues to become more competitive, programs and schools are changing in order to keep ... More

Packers Struggle for LovePosted 10/20/2023 by Nate Bolinske

Packers across the world questions their quarterback’s credibility. Jordan Love, once a runner-up backup quarterback for Aaron Rodgers, is now stepping up to the starting line for the Green Bay ... More

A Troubled HousePosted 10/20/2023 by Cora Grabel

Just days after the threat of what seemed like an inevitable government shutdown was averted, chaos engulfed the House of Representatives once again.  What began with the threat of a government shutd... More

Decades Forward and Back AgainPosted 10/19/2023 by Mattie Brightwell

2023 has already set a record for the amount of anti-LGBTQ legislation introduced, heavily impacting transgender communities across the country. Often, when people picture Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Tran... More

Aloha LahainaPosted 10/08/2023 by Jesse Smith

Raging fires have burned down thousands of homes as well as killed and displaced many in the historic town of Lahaina. In August of 2023, Maui was hit with Hawaii’s worst natural disaster ever, dest... More

Torrential Troubles in LibyaPosted 10/05/2023 by Riley Rimkus

Floods have ravaged Libya, leaving the country in ruins while people search for who is at fault. On September 9, Storm Daniel passed through Libya, causing two dams to become overwhelmed with water an... More

Enhancing Safety With a New Campus Safety OfficerPosted 10/01/2023 by Carlie Quinney

TJ’s new staff member reinforces safety throughout the school. Due to ongoing issues with safety in schools, it is critical that students feel safe in their daily lives at school. High Schools in DP... More

Freshman Frenzy: Exploring the Surge in EnrollmentPosted 10/01/2023 by Amaris Medina

The TJ community continues to grow with an influx of freshmen.   Over the past couple of years, the incoming freshmen classes at TJ have grown substantially. Currently, the school’s population sit... More

Trembling in TerrorPosted 09/27/2023 by Ben Hartley

The recent earthquake in west Morocco has killed and injured thousands of civilians. On September 8th, residents of western Morocco awoke to the booming vibrations of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. The q... More

Tarantula InvasionPosted 09/26/2023 by Ben Scherer

Tarantulas have “invaded” the southeastern plains of Colorado in search of love.  Got arachnophobia? Colorado may not be the place for those who fear eight-legged creatures. It’s that time of t... More