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Representing the UnrepresentedPosted 11/28/2021 by McKenzy Perkins

For centuries, Indigenous women have been neglected and isolated but the struggles that women from Indigenous communities endure should be recognized.   Throughout history, one cannot read an articl... More

A Helping Hand for the HolidaysPosted 11/18/2021 by Campbell Mahoney

The SkillsUSA food drive is helping families find a source of food just in time for the holiday season.  Hunger and the need for food play a massive role in any human being’s life. It drives our mo... More

Unlocking New Possibilities Posted 11/18/2021 by Maria Goergen

An insight on tools and exhibits featured in Meow Wolf Denver Meow Wolf is an entertainment company with a mission statement that they create, “immersive, maximalist environments that encourage audi... More

Dress Code Free!Posted 11/18/2021 by Juanita Hurtado

Students celebrate TJ’s changes to dress code policies. Over the years, the school’s dress code policies have been faced with controversial reactions: arguments appealing to the freedom of express... More

Astroworld Festival Turned DeadlyPosted 11/18/2021 by Kira Kennedy

The world renowned festival, Astroworld, resulted in at least ten deaths. Travis Scott is an American Grammy-nominated rapper and record producer. He is known for his music and his partner, Kylie Jenn... More

Facebook FiascoPosted 11/18/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Since its origin in 2006, Facebook has ruled the social media sphere, however, this success has not come without controversy and some unintended consequences. It has long been known that Facebook and ... More

Best in the FieldPosted 11/17/2021 by Gracelyn Leonard

The 2021 Boys’ Soccer Team is the third boys’ soccer team at TJ to ever make it to the playoffs. The boys’ team endured challenges throughout their season, but through perseverance they were abl... More

Tim Cooks Up Another iPhonePosted 11/17/2021 by Caitlin Quinney

The iPhone 13 Pro inspires many different reviews from Apple users. One of the most well-known brands to ever exist, Apple, just released their newest and most improved product on September 24th, 2021... More

Haitian Immigration CrisisPosted 11/17/2021 by Olivia Oss

The US-Mexico border continues to be the site of access for immigration into the United States.  Since winning its independence from French colonizers in 1804, Haiti has gone through numerous economi... More

TJ Pupils Practice ProtocolsPosted 11/17/2021 by David Lopez-Vences

The 2021-2022 school year has students reuniting in person after a year-long hiatus with new protocols in place.  It’s no secret that the pandemic shut down everything in an instant. School activit... More