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Author: Laine Gaherty

The Timely TikTok DebatePosted 04/12/2024 by Laine Gaherty

Recently, the House of Representatives passed a bill that could eventually ban TikTok in the United States. The famous social media platform TikTok was released during September 2016. Since its releas... More

Longing For KnowledgePosted 02/27/2024 by Laine Gaherty

“Ancient History is a lot cooler than US History with Mr. Klimczak because you don’t have to listen to Mr. Klimczak.” – Mr. Long At a young age, Nic Long’s grandma gifted him a neckl... More

Migrating MonarchsPosted 01/31/2024 by Laine Gaherty

Scientists predict that the butterflies’ famous white spots may help the species travel longer distances.   In 1976, after 40 years of searching, Fred Urquhart discovered the specific location... More

Gouda and DexterPosted 12/08/2023 by Laine Gaherty

Fluffy little guys eating our couch, Dexter bit my finger ouch, shedding like there is no tomorrow,  We mourn our carpet in sorrow,   While one likes to give licks The other is proud of his tric... More

ChoicesPosted 12/08/2023 by Laine Gaherty

Choices Rays of tranquility dance across the face of a child, A field’s grasses embrace an awaiting wanderer, The swaying of a willow framed by a sky set ablaze, Prosperous wildflowers painting a pa... More

Welcoming WolvesPosted 11/10/2023 by Laine Gaherty

Colorado will be reintroducing wolves into the state by the end of 2023. Colorado is known for its diverse wildlife that calls the Rocky Mountains home. The different ecosystems allow for many animals... More

Aspirations for an ArtistPosted 10/30/2023 by Laine Gaherty

TJ’s newest art teacher shares her past and ideas regarding her passion for drawing and painting.  In 2022, Timi Biermann entered the artistic halls of Thomas Jefferson High School with plenty of s... More

The Heat on Lab Grown MeatPosted 09/21/2023 by Laine Gaherty

The US Department of Agriculture has approved developments in lab grown meat, paving the path for a new way to provide meals. For thousands of years, society has domesticated animals and raised them f... More