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Author: Akaash Raghunath

101 Things I Hate (In No Particular Order)Posted 04/28/2023 by Akaash Raghunath

Here are 101 actions, animals, and ideas with which I heartily disagree.   If you were to ask me what I like, I would probably have to think about it a bit. If you were to ask me what I hate, how... More

How Many Nights Til’ Showtime?Posted 03/10/2023 by Akaash Raghunath

The TJ stage play Twelfth Night nears its opening performance on March 16. William Shakespeare’s stage play, Twelfth Night, narrates the story of twins Viola and Sebastian, who find themselves separ... More

Drug Desolation Down UnderPosted 02/02/2023 by Akaash Raghunath

New Zealand passes a new law banning the sale of tobacco to young people born in or after 2009. The country of New Zealand lies southeast of Australia, in the South Pacific Ocean. The island is home t... More

The Mourning Hours of RomePosted 01/24/2023 by Akaash Raghunath

Pope Benedict XVI, former head of the Catholic Church,  dies at age 95. Pope Benedict XVI (sixteen), originally named Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, served as the head of the Catholic Church from 2005 un... More

The Happier You Are, The Less I Like YouPosted 12/07/2022 by Akaash Raghunath

A (not so) scientific analysis of why friendly people suck. Modern society revolves around social interaction. Heck, ancient society did too: cavemen likely conversed with one another through a series... More

An Avalanche of EmotionsPosted 11/10/2022 by Akaash Raghunath

Former NHL star and Colorado Avalanche broadcaster Peter McNab dies at 70. Drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in 1972, Peter McNab played in the National Hockey League for 15 seasons and nearly 1000 games.... More

Freed of the ShacklesPosted 11/03/2022 by Akaash Raghunath

After serving 23 years in prison, Adnan Syed’s murder conviction is overturned as the now 41 year old man is cleared of all charges. In February of 1999, a Korean American high school student named ... More

New Year, New FairPosted 10/10/2022 by Akaash Raghunath

The Thomas Jefferson High School Club Fair successfully managed to socially revive hundreds of high school students. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe early in 2020, just about every social ... More