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Author: Farah Djama

Varied Histories of Valentine’s DayPosted 02/13/2023 by Farah Djama

This modern holiday of Valentine’s Day has a unique and ancient history.   Often associated with love letters, chocolates, and red and pink decorations, Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated by mi... More

Spiders, Wires, and Needles, Oh My!  Posted 12/12/2022 by Farah Djama

As if spiders couldn’t get any creepier, they can now crawl around in robots with a new development.   Necrobotics is a new development in robotics, which uses dead organic matter in mechanical ro... More

Reading RefreshPosted 12/12/2022 by Farah Djama

TJ Book Club makes reading fun again, one book at a time.  Thomas Jefferson High School, like many other high schools across Denver, have plenty of student-led clubs. The clubs here at TJ covers a hu... More

A Nation UnderwaterPosted 11/09/2022 by Farah Djama

Recent flooding in Pakistan has both a national and international effect.  When thinking of climate change, many think of the burning of the Amazon rainforests and widespread wildfires. The increase ... More

Better get BoostedPosted 10/24/2022 by Farah Djama

A new booster was released in August, in hopes of preventing the newest BA 4 and BA 5 variants. As summer ends and autumn rolls in, so does the flu season. Regions of the world that have already had t... More