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Art Through a LensPosted 03/10/2021 by Roxanne Wilkerson

Thomas Jefferson High School’s photography teacher Lea Wagner is one of the local artists being featured in the URBANE Photography Exhibition at BitFactory Gallery. In celebration of Denver’s Mont... More

The Show Must Go OnPosted 03/10/2021 by Roxanne Wilkerson

As society moves further into the pandemic, a variety of movies have resumed filming, spending great deals of money on safety precautions and sanitary materials.  When the massive outbreak of the cor... More

To Junior Year, We Say “Be More Dear!”Posted 03/10/2021 by Deqa Muse

Junior year has its ups and downs, but luckily, many juniors have shared words of encouragement to lift one another up. The class of 2022 closed their eyes one random night in March of 2020, believing... More

The Value of MeditationPosted 03/10/2021 by Roxanne Wilkerson

Guide to Meditation is a short series on Netflix where the meditation company Headspace teaches the science behind meditation while helping the audience practice it. Over the past few months, I have f... More

Ms. Chase Defining the Math BasePosted 03/08/2021 by Sara Eyassu

There is a new addition to the TJ faculty serving as a special education math support. Thomas Jefferson High School is recognized for its challenging academic courses, formative student-run clubs, and... More

Working Around SenioritisPosted 02/24/2021 by Tess Ware

Seniors offer advice to the Class of 2022. For 12th graders, combating senioritis is never easy, but with many students completing their final year of high school online, the chronic lack of motivatio... More

Discovering a New Streaming ServicePosted 02/10/2021 by Rachel SanPedro

Netflix and Hulu have a new streaming competitor. Discovery Incorporated currently has a variety of famous unscripted television shows. Recently, the organization has announced they are breaking into ... More

Passion for FashionPosted 02/09/2021 by Deqa Muse

The new Fashion Club at TJ symbolizes a flow of creativity and new beginnings. Since the dawn of time, people have adorned themselves with a variety of clothes to keep warm and represent their status,... More

Yams Day 2021Posted 02/08/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

To honor the passing of A$AP Yams, A$AP Rocky and the whole A$AP collective put together a virtual award show like no other. When most people hear the word A$AP, which stands for Always Striving And P... More

What’s A Cow’s Favorite Holiday? Moo Year’s EvePosted 01/29/2021 by Chase Bellomo

Every year, millions of Americans create News Year’s resolutions for themselves;  one month later, I am still trying to keep mine. Approximately 50% of Americans create a New Year’s resolutio... More