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Do You See What I’m Seeing?Posted 05/05/2021 by Jael Iyema

Cartoon characters of color are often depicted in stereotypical and racist ways.  Racist depictions of Black people through cartoons have been alive and trending since the Jim Crow era. Large red lip... More

Mittens GalorePosted 05/03/2021 by Sara Medina

A meme single-handedly became the forefront for charity and awareness.  To say that January 20th, 2021, was a memorable day would be the understatement of the century. With the 46th President Joseph ... More

Girls’ Got Moxie!Posted 04/30/2021 by Juanita Hurtado

Moxie turns “controversial” into “never-ending learning.” Feminism has always been a controversial issue. As with any injustice, the mistreatment of women is hard to understand until it happen... More

Prince Philip’s PassingPosted 04/30/2021 by Addison Smith

The death of the Queen’s consort, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, ignited controversy over the leader’s past inappropriate comments.  The idea of monarchies is usually related to old government... More

Newest Celeb CouplePosted 04/30/2021 by Gracelyn Leonard

There are many reasons why you should consider marrying a celebrity.  Some people might think that marrying a celebrity is an absurd idea. In reality, there are so many pros that occur in your life a... More

Stress to ImpressPosted 04/30/2021 by Holden Knostman

As the college application season for the Class of 2022 approaches, many rising seniors are undertaking the stressful process of finding the right college and building a successful application. With t... More

Royalty or Royal Mess?Posted 04/30/2021 by Olivia Oss

With new and old scandals being brought to light, the British Royal Family faces more scrutiny than ever before. The Western world has always had a slight obsession with the ongoings of the British Ro... More

Live Music Makes a ComebackPosted 04/30/2021 by Georgia Hartley

After a year of canceled concerts, live music is back, and I could not be more excited.  One of the last things I did before our three-week-turned-full-year spring break last March was attend a conce... More

The Dawn of RamadanPosted 04/30/2021 by Deqa Muse

The month of Ramadan symbolizes a time for healing and growth for Muslims everywhere. April 13th, 2021, marked the first day of Ramadan for 1.8 billion Muslims. Ramadan is a crucial and sacred time fo... More

Life Looking ForwardPosted 04/27/2021 by Adam McPherson

As more people get vaccinated, aspirations for the future do not seem as far away as they once did. The past year has been extremely trying; however, with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine come... More