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TJ’s Young Men of PurposePosted 02/04/2022 by Stephen LoJacono

Young Men of Purpose is a club that works with the youth of color to help them find more opportunities in life. Here at Thomas Jefferson High School, one of the many clubs that is offered is Young Men... More

The Danger ZonePosted 01/31/2022 by Gracelyn Leonard

My first, and unforgettable, experience driving on the highway.  My family’s luggage was tightly packed in the car as we embarked on our annual nine hour Thanksgiving drive from Denver to Kansas Ci... More

Anotha OnePosted 01/27/2022 by Sara Eyassu

The Bachelor returns after a year, staying true to its roots with a white bachelor courting 30 women. About a year ago, the second semester of junior year did not call my name as the SAT crept upon me... More

Swinging Super SpiderPosted 01/27/2022 by David Lopez-Vences

The latest rendition of Spider-Man has Peter Parker’s life turned upside down.  *SPOILER WARNING* Spider-Man: No Way Home blows the mind of old and new fans of the character. With the introduction ... More

Notes on Girl, InterruptedPosted 01/27/2022 by Jessica Nesbit

Girl, Interrupted is an amazing novel that should be read by everyone. The way mental health has been perceived has changed with time. Only a hundred years ago, women who displayed “erratic behavior... More

“Don’t Look Up” Makes Me Want To Look AwayPosted 01/27/2022 by Deqa Muse

The movie Don’t Look Up will put you through a roller coaster of emotions that will have you looking everywhere, both at the world and at yourself. This review contains spoilers. You have been warne... More

Arcane Astonishes the WorldPosted 01/23/2022 by Addison Smith

The new Netflix series depicts the origin story of characters from the hit game League of Legends, becoming Netflix’s highest rated original series. *Minor spoilers*   Arcane: League of Legends is ... More

A New Year in YearbookPosted 12/10/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

One of Thomas Jefferson High School’s most looked forward to traditions is the annual yearbook, but what goes on behind the scenes? For nearly every student, the 2021-2022 school year will be the fi... More

The History Behind the Holiday SeasonPosted 12/09/2021 by Ben Morlan

Why do we have so many festivities at the end of the calendar year? In the United States, the “Holiday Season” is generally considered to begin in late November, the day after Thanksgiving, and en... More

Yours to Keep Album ReviewPosted 12/08/2021 by David Lopez-Vences

The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr’s first solo album is one for the ages. Albert Hammond Jr. and his first standalone album, Yours to Keep, which was released in 2006, follows him through ... More