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COVID Diary #18Posted 12/02/2020 by Sara Medina

Sara. It was very naive of me to believe life could get better for me after the year I had in 2019. That had been the year of my life. I had visited the city of my dreams—Los Angeles, California. I ... More

Indigenous People’s DayPosted 12/02/2020 by Gracelyn Leonard

A culture of people, robbed of their rights.  On October 12, we celebrate Columbus Day to commemorate the discovery of the United States. The reality is that 100 million Indigenous people had already... More

COVID Diary #17Posted 12/01/2020 by Ryan Moe

Ryan. My alarm rings throughout my room and forces me to break my deep sleep. My eyes battle my mind for a few extra seconds of rest. It’s a battle that the eyes typically win. I begin brewing coffe... More

Peaking with DonationsPosted 11/30/2020 by Juanita Hurtado

Thomas Jefferson’s Leadership Class organized a donation drop-off for Urban Peak. On October 10th, the Leadership Class held a donation drop-off for Urban Peak. Urban Peak is a non-profit shelter fo... More

Spartan Edition is Still RollingPosted 11/30/2020 by Madelyn Staples

 In face of all the curveballs the coronavirus has thrown, the Spartan Edition team has found a way to still produce the show for the TJ community Spartans have taken on a new challenge in the 2020-2... More

Navigating the Ladder to SuccessPosted 11/30/2020 by Roxanne Wilkerson

TJ has introduced a new Career and College Success Navigator to the community. At the beginning of this unusual school year, TJ welcomed a few new friendly faces into the community. Although these fac... More

Six to ThreePosted 11/30/2020 by Eleanor Benson

A deep dive into the views and potential impact of the new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. In the past month, Amy Coney Barrett has become a household name. After the passing of Justice Ruth ... More

COVID Diary #16Posted 11/20/2020 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Nick. Am I who I want to be? As quarantine rages on, I find myself returning to this seemingly easy yes or no question on almost a daily basis. I’ve made it my goal to find an answer or at least dev... More

COVID Diary #15Posted 11/20/2020 by Adam McPherson

Adam. Interestingly, my story about the COVID-19 pandemic dates back to January. I wasn’t feeling super good, I felt out of it. I went on a trip to New Mexico with my soccer team to play two games. ... More

COVID Diary #14Posted 11/18/2020 by Deqa Muse

Deqa. Like most teenagers, I believed this virus was a myth—a tale as old as time that’s been passed through generations, taking on a new form as every storyteller was affected differently, a myth... More