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New Math Teacher Added to the TJ CommunityPosted 12/14/2020 by Addison Smith

One of TJ’s new teachers is Brock Strickland, who is joining TJ’s math department. Despite our current changing lifestyle, something that never changes are new additions to the Thomas Jefferson st... More

“15 minutes Could Save You, Well Ya Know.”Posted 12/14/2020 by Ryan Moe

The debate for the best car insurance company commercial is a competitive one with many factors, but one company outshines the rest. Although claims, coverages, and collisions don’t exactly scream e... More

Jammin’ With JordanPosted 12/12/2020 by Jael Iyema

United Kingdom’s rising R&B and soul artist talks about how the pandemic has impacted his music. Born in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 26-year-old British a... More

Spartans, Say Hello To SturmPosted 12/11/2020 by Holden Knostman

Take a look at one of TJ’s new hires, Stephanie Sturm, and discover her life and the difficulties she is facing during COVID-19 as a Special Education teacher. For those who are unaware, Special Edu... More

The Magnificent Mrs. MicklerPosted 12/11/2020 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Candace Mickler is a small business owner, a mother of two, and TJ’s newest Special Education science teacher.  Growing up in a small town in western Nebraska, Candace Mickler—one of TJ’s lates... More

Performing in a PandemicPosted 12/11/2020 by Trinity Doublin

Performing arts students have had to make a very large adjustment since going remote. Prior to the pandemic, students who were in the music program at TJ were able to host live concerts to show off th... More

The Fabled FabianPosted 12/11/2020 by Adam McPherson

TJ’s librarian shares some of his thoughts about students and remote learning. With each passing day, Thomas Jefferson High School’s staff and students are brought further away from a time where w... More

COVID Diary #28Posted 12/11/2020 by Addison Smith

Addison. Since I was a little girl, I always imagined that my Sweet Sixteen would be the greatest day of my life. I would have a big party with all my friends and family; I would get my license and ha... More

COVID Diary #27Posted 12/11/2020 by Jessica Nesbit

Jessica.  “It’s crazy how this is actually affecting us,” I remember my friend saying. It was March 14th, her birthday. We laughed it off and walked to Starbucks, excited for our long spring br... More

Spartan UniversityPosted 12/10/2020 by Ben Abram

Since current freshmen in colleges throughout the nation are having unique post-secondary experiences, TJ Alumni make a vocal return to give advice to incoming college freshmen. The high school gradua... More