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Lloyd is LegitPosted 05/03/2024 by Nate Bolinske

Leading Arizona Men’s Basketball with pride, Tommy Lloyd envisions a long and successful career with the Wildcats. The University of Arizona men’s basketball team has recently struggled wi... More

One Day At A TimePosted 05/02/2024 by Makayla Vasquez

The latest fictional love story on Netflix is a tear jerker for Internet users.  *This article contains some spoilers related to the show* Netflix’s One Day is one of the newest obsessions on the i... More

Coach CalvinPosted 05/02/2024 by Ben Hartley

This spring, assistant boys’ tennis coach Calvin Alexander joined the girls’ tennis program as head coach.  The TJ Girls’ Tennis team has had a positive first half of their season with five win... More

Casting The NettePosted 04/30/2024 by Carlie Quinney

Now in her second year as a librarian at TJ, “Ms. Nette” has done quite a bit to create a comforting space for students.  Many high school students look forward to a certain time in their school ... More

Making a MarkPosted 04/30/2024 by Amelia Mendoza-Stancer

Campbell Mahoney works hard behind the scenes to help create a positive environment at Thomas Jefferson High School. Campbell Mahoney is a vivacious senior at TJ who participates in various ways acros... More

How to Train a Movie DirectorPosted 04/26/2024 by Laine Gaherty

Making a live action How To Train Your Dragon was quite possibly the worst decision to be made in the history of humankind.  How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) is a prime example of a cinematic masterp... More

The Electronic SalespersonPosted 04/23/2024 by Miles Kahn

In a time of increased integration of social media in daily life, users must come to reckon with the corporate world looking to capitalize off of their leisure time. Over one third of the population i... More

The Junior Year MarathonPosted 04/23/2024 by Amaris Medina

Surviving the pressures and expectations of junior year seems more impossible than it really is.  They say high school is supposed to contain some of the best years of your life. While I don’t disa... More

Mountain Range of Things to DoPosted 04/22/2024 by Mattie Brightwell

As the summer quickly approaches, you may find yourself searching for places to go and things to do, and luckily, Colorado offers plenty of cheap, fun options! Picture this: school’s out, the sun is... More

The Closed Doors of EducationPosted 04/15/2024 by Emanuel Morales-Gomez

Many are emphasizing that public schools are not allowing students to succeed or thrive after graduation due to restrictions that the education system has in place.  School is meant to be a place ful... More