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Author: Max Feierstein

Shots by SloanPosted 11/15/2023 by Max Feierstein

New hype videos created and edited by Sloan Steimel are popping up on social media to create fervor for TJ sports.  Social media has become a necessity in the world of high school sports. Whether it&... More

Tragic Death on the IcePosted 11/15/2023 by Max Feierstein

Professional Hockey has forever been changed as a freak death on the ice shocks the sports world.  American-born hockey player Adam Johnson died in a freak hockey skating accident. He was playing a g... More

Conference ChaosPosted 10/21/2023 by Max Feierstein

The NCAA football conference realignment has caused mayhem in the world of college sports. As college football continues to become more competitive, programs and schools are changing in order to keep ... More