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New Looks in the Fall Classic

Posted 12/08/2023 by Max Feierstein

World Series Most Valuable Player, Corey Seager, posing with the trophy after the Rangers won the 2023 World series. photo by Rob Schumacher

With new rules, unexpected teams, and amazing players, this year’s World Series was one for the books.

The Texas Rangers defied everyone’s expectations and won the World Series this year. In this new and untold season the Rangers found success.. They faced another young and surprising team in the Arizona Diamondbacks. The new season was no match for the Rangers and their historic run will be one to remember for baseball fans across the country. 

This season had an unorthodox amount of new rules and new up and coming teams. The Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner added a new pitch clock, giving pitchers and hitters a set amount of time to start the at-bat. Many teams were negatively affected by the new change. However, some teams like the Texas Rangers found a spark in the new season and had an extremely impressive playoff run. Though they were underdogs, the team had an incredible record of 11-0 and their resilience was remarkable. They stormed past the Tampa Bay Rays and the Baltimore Orioles and found themselves in the battle for Texas when they faced the mighty Houston Astros. The Astros, who won the World Series in 2022, were favored to win again. That was until the Rangers proved everyone wrong. The Rangers went into Houston needing to win both games and surprised everyone when they won their way to the World Series.

 The Arizona Diamondbacks met the Rangers in the world series and stunned the world when they did. They had to pass through two powerhouse teams: the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. The Dodgers, who had arguably one of the best rosters in baseball, had been favored for a long time. They were expected to go to the world series, but those dreams were cut short. They lost in a series to the Diamondbacks, a very young, untried team, and were smoked out of the playoffs. This was impressive, and the victor then had to go to Philadelphia and play an amazing team who had made it to the World Series the year prior. That was a nail biter series until the very end, but the resilient Diamondbacks were victorious. The young team who had barely made the playoffs were now in the World Series and were determined to keep winning. 

The World Series was very entertaining and the battle between the two wild-card teams was one to watch. The Diamondbacks were just too young and couldn’t contain everything that the Rangers threw at them, only winning one game in the series. The Rangers continued to win on the road and their great offensive team was too much for the Diamondbacks. The Rangers won the World Series and brought the trophy to Texas for the first time and gave Rangers fans an emotional and thrilling ride. This unexpected and historic run by both teams ended in an amazing championship that made history in the MLB.