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Center for Communication Technology Magnet


The Center for Communication Technology is a four-year, comprehensive elective program at Thomas Jefferson High School, offering industry standard training in Robotics, Web Applications, Software Engineering, 3D Design and Broadcast/Broadband Journalism and Communications, which provides students with the opportunity to enhance not only their computer, technical, and problem solving skills, but also their oral, written, and visual communication abilities.

Students in the CCTM receive in-depth and integrated training in mechanical engineering, 3-D animation, digital media production, software engineering, web design, and journalism, using state-of-the-art software and equipment in seven industry standard computer labs, robotics workshops, and digital studios, and can earn up to 21 college credits for coursework completed here at TJ, at no cost to the student.

Since the CCTM operates under a Career and Technology business model, students in this program will be given the opportunity to partner together on digital media projects for real customers; therefore, students also receive training in project management, problem solving, and interpersonal communication.

Graduates of the TJ CCTM attend a wide range of colleges including the top schools in Colorado, and branching out to Harvard, M.I.T., Stanford, and beyond. Many of our former students enjoy careers in broadcasting, software authoring, mechanical engineering, photojournalism, animation, filmmaking, web design, IT, and much more.

The Center for Communication Technology Magnet will do our very best to accommodate the schedules of any TJ students, including those who take part in Thomas Jefferson’s outstanding X-track academics, AP classes, athletics, drama, arts, music, and the many other unique programs that TJ offers.