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Spartans Start the Year on a Roll

Posted 09/10/2016 by Morgan VandeRiet

Platinum students are honored during the fall 2016 honor roll assembly. photo by Andrew Seienstat

Honor roll students start the year off on the right foot by being honored for their high GPAs.

On Wednesday, August 31st, the TJ community came together to recognize the success of the honor roll students from the spring 2016 semester in addition to the accomplishment of Academic Letterman receivers. The entire student body was there to provide support and encouragement to make this fall semester even more successful.

The 411 honor roll students were categorized into four different categories: Platinum (4.5+ GPA), Gold (4.0-4.4 GPA), Silver (3.5-3.9 GPA), and Bronze (3.0-3.4 GPA). Those who earned a 3.5 GPA or higher for at least three consecutive semesters were additionally honored with an Academic Letter as well, similar to achieving a Letter for playing in a varsity sport. Having the honor roll and academic letters are encouraging ways for students to want to improve their grades and aspire to do better inside and outside of the classroom. “Obviously, our goal is for everybody to be on the honor roll,” said assistant principal Andrew Skari.

Recognizing the success of these Spartan scholars was a great way to start the new semester and encourage even more students to strive for success. An extra incentive that was added this year for the honor roll achievers was a buy-one-get-one-free Chipotle burrito coupon. Students who had good attendance for the first two weeks of school could also get Chipotle coupon from Skari. “Accountability is very important and that motivates kids to get to class on time. We want to reward the kids that are showing up every day, doing what they’re supposed to do,” explained Skari.

Every semester, more and more Spartans work hard to be on honor roll which creates a positive and encouraging learning environment in the TJ community. “Being in the Platinum category has caused me to strive to continue to always put in 110% on every assignment to practice new skills and grow academically,” senior Rachel Sadler said of her accomplishment. Having around one-third of the student body on the honor roll is an outstanding achievement for TJ and an excellent representation of TJ’s students and community. Principal Mike Christoff encourages students to enroll in more AP and honors classes to improve their GPA so more students can make the honor roll this semester. Additionally, he suggested for students to “take advantage of office hours, stay on top of their homework, and study with each other so they can make sure their grades stay up.”

Having nearly 30% of TJ’s student body on the honor roll is a superb accomplishment, and TJ is looking to have even more students make an effort to be on the honor roll this fall 2016 semester.