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Tassles to the Left

Posted 05/19/2021 by Sara Medina

2021 Thomas Jefferson High School graduation. graphic by Nakya Castille

The day that all seniors have been looking forward to is almost here.

A majority of seniors have spent 12 years of their lives in the school system, whether that was at a public or private school. Students have evolved, grown, and learned to get to this moment––the moment when they walk across the stage, shake a few hands and get that hard-earned diploma, of course. 

It is no secret that TJ’s seniors have worked hard to get where they are. This day is theirs, and no pandemic should take that away from them. While this year’s ceremony will look and play out a bit differently than a traditional graduation, it is still a celebration nonetheless. Graduation this year will take place on May 25th, 2021 at Infinity Park. For those who do not know where Infinity Park is, it is located at 950 S Birch Street in Glendale, CO. It truly is just a hop, skip and a jump away from TJ.  

Practice really makes a difference in “perfecting” something, hence why there needs to be a practice commencement. This rehearsal will be held at TJ on May 24th at 1:00 p.m.. While it may be tempting to show up and practice in the full cap and gown, just leave those be for now. Students are asked to show up to the school in regular clothes and will practice seating arrangements and walking on the football field. Doing a dry run the day before will leave the routine in students’ minds so that their special day is nothing short of flawless. 

Not only is graduation a day for students who have committed their time, tears, and tremendous effort to their education, but it is also for their loved ones and family. They have been there during those late night study sessions and put up with the stress that students know all too well, but ultimately they have watched how incredibly fast their students have grown up. They recognize how everyone is now entering a new chapter in their lives and how that can bring a rollercoaster of emotions. Although in the past almost all of one’s family could attend the ceremony, due to the pandemic, each student is limited to four guests. If there are children who are two years old or younger, they do not count as one of the four that are permitted to attend. A Google Form was sent out to seniors where they could designate who will be attending. On graduation day, these guests will need to check in with administration and will be guided from there. 

If there is one thing for seniors to take away from this year, it is that those that completed their high school career successfully, did it. They have tackled school both online and in-person. They were able to endure through some of their hardest times amongst many other changing aspects of their lives. From virtual college tours to socially distanced prom, TJ’s seniors did it and did it the Spartan way. They deserve this day and everyone is so proud of them. While they walk across the stage, make sure to take some time and celebrate the astounding achievements they have made. 

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