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Tutoring Center is Best Value at TJ

Posted 11/22/2008 by Shanee Seton

It’s Tutoring Time!
by Shanee Seton
photo by Kevin Fleming
20081122011131_tutorsmall.jpg    The recent report card mailing has shocked some students at Thomas Jefferson, but thanks to Waunetta Vann and Liz Buffington grades are finally starting to shape up.

    Vann explained the importance of the tutoring center, saying that the type of the environment that the students are in is very relaxed and laid back. She also said that a lot of students are participating in the tutor center. “We get an average amount of about 100 students a week,” she said.

    The tutoring center in room four is open Monday through Friday, and their hours are from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Vann also said that they teach all subjects, from calculus to algebra.

    “Some students have a difficult time deciding if they should get tutoring or not,” said Vann. “They believe if they keep on studying the material that they will eventually get it, but sometimes things don’t always click when you’re studying.   Sometimes you need an extra boost from somebody else to understand it ,” said Vann.

    Vann believes that all students could use a little tutoring now and then. “We encourage all students to come. Even if you are struggling a little but you still have a good grade in that class, we still want you to come and get improvement in whatever you are having problems with; because that one little thing you are having a problem with can come back and haunt you. Then you will have serious problems,” she said.

    Vann also said that the best thing about their tutoring is that there is no cost. “So there is no excuse for any students not to come, and then say it was because they couldn’t afford it,” said Vann. A session of tutoring in other tutoring centers could cost as much as fifty dollars. Show up with a smile and a respectful attitude, and the TJ tutoring center at TJ is free.