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Author: Ava Ward

Hit Me With Your Best ShotPosted 04/17/2021 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson High School will host a Pfizer vaccination clinic on Saturday, April 24th for students ages 16 and older. (Click here to sign up for a vaccination appointment!) When the state of Colo... More

A Wealth of Mental HealthPosted 04/13/2021 by Ava Ward

Megan Miccio spoke to the Thomas Jefferson High School community on the importance of caring for one’s mental health during the global pandemic. Adolescents struggle with their mental health in the ... More

Nothing to Hate but Hatred ItselfPosted 02/26/2021 by Ava Ward

The Anti-Defamation League delivered messages of inclusion, kindness, and positivity to Thomas Jefferson High School students in the No Place for Hate Virtual Assembly. Though anti-bullying campaigns ... More

Take It to GoPosted 01/29/2021 by Ava Ward

Despite the challenges of social distancing, Denver Public Schools’ Food and Nutrition Services are determined to deliver the food that students need to thrive. It was a bitterly cold day at George ... More

COVID Diary #4Posted 11/06/2020 by Ava Ward

Ava. The first eight months of the coronavirus pandemic deceived me into believing that life in quarantine meant life in stagnation. It is the people we meet and the places we go that add diversity to... More

Conflict ResARTlutionPosted 11/05/2020 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson High School celebrated Colorado’s Conflict Resolution Month with an art contest. From the presidential candidates to the mask debate to climate change, it seems as if there are so m... More

Pandemic AcademicsPosted 09/23/2020 by Ava Ward

For the first time in history, Thomas Jefferson High School is starting its school year entirely online. How do you plan for an uncertain future? This was the question that leaders on all levels of th... More

An Un-COVID-entional YearPosted 05/21/2020 by Ava Ward

Despite the unique challenges of the global pandemic, Thomas Jefferson High School still succeeded in continuing the school’s mission to learn, challenge, and lead. The 2019-2020 school year brought... More

Resilience is In StockPosted 05/08/2020 by Ava Ward

As the world grapples with the effects of the coronavirus, grocery store employees are diligently working to provide their communities with essential resources. On the afternoon of Friday, March 13th,... More

Where the Children Can PlayPosted 03/20/2020 by Ava Ward

The Denver Public Schools’ Sustainability Team is working around the clock to build a cleaner and cooler future for its students. What does 8:00 a.m. look like around the world? For Bangladeshis in ... More