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Author: Ava Ward

Instructors OutnumberedPosted 09/10/2019 by Ava Ward

Denver Public Schools’ student-to-teacher ratios are rising, taking stress levels with them. The operation of a classroom requires meticulous attention to detail. The latest educational gadgets must... More

Learning to LovePosted 05/06/2019 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson High School’s 5280 team is working with the One Love Foundation to teach students how to have healthy relationships. As the bridge between childhood and adulthood, high school hits ... More

OnCOLLEGEy: Studying the Cancerous Culture Surrounding CollegePosted 04/23/2019 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson High School students are suffering from the stress of college admissions. College is implanted into the mind of the common high schooler the moment they begin their freshman year. Fly... More

Snack AttackPosted 04/19/2019 by Ava Ward

The vending machines of Thomas Jefferson High School are facing a major revamp. From sports to schoolwork to socializing, the activities of a high schooler require a significant amount of energy. The ... More

St. Patrick’s Day SoiréePosted 04/16/2019 by Ava Ward

TJ Spartans Katie Fitzgerald and Brenna May celebrated St. Patrick’s Day through the art of Irish Dance. St. Patrick’s Day holds many different meanings to those who celebrate it. For some, it is ... More

Food for ThoughtPosted 02/26/2019 by Ava Ward

The Denver Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services is committed to feeding every child, every day. On a daily basis, one of Denver’s most essential establishments serves 40,000 breakfasts and 50,... More

A Far Reach from Equal RightsPosted 02/22/2019 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson’s elective courses continue to suffer from gender disparities that reflect nationwide divisions. In the past few decades, Thomas Jefferson has emerged as a paragon of Denver’s hig... More

Ayudándonos Unos a OtrosPosted 11/26/2018 by Ava Ward

El Club Hispano y Latino está dejando su huella en Thomas Jefferson y en el mundo. En un tiempo en el que las culturas en Estados Unidos están en constante conflicto, es importante que los adolescen... More

Court is in SessionPosted 11/16/2018 by Ava Ward

The Thomas Jefferson Girls’ Basketball Team is gearing up for a season of success. The hallways of Thomas Jefferson have been treated to an unusual beat in the past few months. The persistent poundi... More

Spartan Legacies Live OnPosted 10/16/2018 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson graduates reflect on where they’ve been and where they’re going. On the cusp of freshman year, one’s high school career is daunting. Four years of attending class, struggling th... More