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Author: Ava Ward

Culture Fest CanceledPosted 03/11/2020 by Ava Ward

**Unfortunately the Culture Fest has been canceled. Thank you for your understanding.** The 5280 club and Leadership are creating a Culture Fest to combat cultural intolerance and celebrate diversity.... More

Our Future Is In Good HandsPosted 02/26/2020 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson High School’s new Denver Scholarship Foundation Advisor, Emily Webster, brings smarts, smiles, and support to aspiring Spartans. The phrase ‘college admissions process’ conjures... More

Don’t Fence Me InPosted 01/24/2020 by Ava Ward

Though Jeanette Vizguerra was forced to take sanctuary to forestall deportation, she continues to fight for immigrant rights. Situated between the glossy pages of grinning celebrities and smug politic... More

Al Mal Tiempo, Buena CaraPosted 11/20/2019 by Ava Ward

El Servicio de Inmigración y Aduanas obligó a Jeanette Vizguerra a Santuario, pero sigue luchando.  El título de una de las 100 personas más influyentes de Revista Time es muy prestigioso. El tí... More

A Summer of SciencePosted 10/06/2019 by Ava Ward

Three TJ Spartans spent the summer interning at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder. Though summer vacation is often hallmarked by the toil of summer jobs, the torpor brough... More

Dress for Success or Dress for Distress?Posted 10/04/2019 by Ava Ward

Students and administrators have diverse opinions on the validity of a school dress code. Thomas Jefferson High School is awash in style. Students don every variety of apparel, selecting their outfit ... More

Instructors OutnumberedPosted 09/10/2019 by Ava Ward

Denver Public Schools’ student-to-teacher ratios are rising, taking stress levels with them. The operation of a classroom requires meticulous attention to detail. The latest educational gadgets must... More

Learning to LovePosted 05/06/2019 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson High School’s 5280 team is working with the One Love Foundation to teach students how to have healthy relationships. As the bridge between childhood and adulthood, high school hits ... More

OnCOLLEGEy: Studying the Cancerous Culture Surrounding CollegePosted 04/23/2019 by Ava Ward

Thomas Jefferson High School students are suffering from the stress of college admissions. College is implanted into the mind of the common high schooler the moment they begin their freshman year. Fly... More

Snack AttackPosted 04/19/2019 by Ava Ward

The vending machines of Thomas Jefferson High School are facing a major revamp. From sports to schoolwork to socializing, the activities of a high schooler require a significant amount of energy. The ... More