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Author: Mia Harsh

Spartan SoireePosted 05/16/2019 by Mia Harsh

TJ prom has come and gone, leaving students with fond memories of music and fun that could last a lifetime. As we walked into the Denver Athletic Club building, none of us knew exactly what to expect.... More

Spartans Play CroquetPosted 05/06/2019 by Mia Harsh

Thomas Jefferson Leadership students have been playing croquet with the Jiminy Wicket program for five years, and will continue to bring smiles for many years to come. When asked to ponder the happies... More

Electric EpidemicPosted 03/01/2019 by Mia Harsh

In a society that emphasizes connectivity and technology, teenagers separating their lives from their phones has become no small task. It is difficult to make the claim that teen cell phone addiction ... More

Justice Ginsburg Hits HollywoodPosted 02/28/2019 by Mia Harsh

As the hit movie On the Basis of Sex is viewed by millions, Americans reflect on the history of sexism in the United States, along with the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself. Supreme court justices ... More

Reduce for a Better WorldPosted 12/14/2018 by Mia Harsh

A new “Zero-Waste” concept has been gaining popularity around the globe, and it could be an answer to some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. Many people generate two... More

New Donation Makes a SplashPosted 11/12/2018 by Mia Harsh

New banners add appeal and sophistication to the Thomas Jefferson pool area. A beautiful new addition has been brought to the TJ pool, giving more life and sparkle to the school. YellowDog Printing &a... More

The Holy Grail of MusicalsPosted 11/08/2018 by Mia Harsh

Students at Thomas Jefferson High School gear up to perform the classic musical comedy Spamalot. TJ is putting on a new production which is sure to bring a smile to the faces of both kids and parents ... More

Mighty MentorsPosted 10/12/2018 by Mia Harsh

New counselors Jillian Gleason and Maggie Kennedy come to Thomas Jefferson prepared to help students through their high school careers. The counselors at TJ are highly dedicated to students and aim to... More