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Author: Savignon Swimmer

New Year, New MePosted 01/15/2020 by Savignon Swimmer

As the New Year rolls in, it’s the best time to look at resolutions in a new light. Using the New Year to make a positive change in one’s life is a tradition that has appeared in multiple cult... More

‘Twas the Nightmare Before ChristmasPosted 12/10/2019 by Savignon Swimmer

It’s time to settle the dispute revolving around the classic Tim Burton film: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Christmas is a time of family gatherings, tradition, and yearly rituals to celebrate the... More

The Fight for Indigenous People’s DayPosted 12/08/2019 by Savignon Swimmer

Native Communities across America unite to establish a holiday celebrating their history. “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” is the rhyme taught to children, teaching them the history of h... More

Applying YourselfPosted 10/21/2019 by Savignon Swimmer

College stress is an everlasting problem for teens, but there are ways to combat it. On September 18th, a group of Thomas Jefferson students accompanied students from other high schools to Colorado St... More

Sleeping Under the StarsPosted 09/15/2019 by Savignon Swimmer

The senior class began their year with the tradition of camping overnight to welcome the freshmen the next morning on their first day of high school. Sleeping at school is usually frowned upon (or com... More