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A MacBook Aboard 815: Ji Yeon

Posted 03/14/2008 by Manny Perez

A LOST addict types really, really fast between commercials.
CAUTION [If you didn’t see last night’s episode STOP! Spoilers Ahead!]

by Manny Perez

LOST.jpg8:04 – Ok, so we’re on the board with Frank. We finally meet Regina, who’s reading an upside down book… odd. Frank brings Desmond and Sayid beans, and before we know it we’re back on the Island with Sun and Jin who are absolutely adorable talking baby talk. Jin wants to call his daughter Ji Yeon. Now we get a flashback or forward (Sun is the sixth???). SHE IS SHE IS SHE IS!!!!

[MacBook Air commercial! I know it’s pretty much useless, but the music is catchy.]

8:14 – We’re in Korea, Jin (Seventh?) is buying gigantic panda bears. [I agree with the vendor. Everyone DOES love pandas]. Back on the Island Jack and Kate are back from their little excursion. But then we’re back on the boat and Dez and Sayid are passing notes under the doors. Sayid reminds me of the spy Ben has on the boat. The note says: Don’t Trust The Captain. Back on the island, Sun starts asking Daniel [I swoon] serious questions and if they’re really going to rescue them. Sun walks back to the mainland and starts making some sort of plan involving Locke.

8:25 – Sun is packing… in Juliet’s tent. Juliet walks in on her looking for “vitamins”, so she spills the beans. Apparently Sun doesn’t trust the “new” Others and has decided to switch to Locke’s side.
We get a flash-forward and Sun is dashing to the hospital where the doctor tells her the baby is having some slight trouble. Jin, meanwhile, is catching a taxi, giant panda in hand. Through a series of quick and hilarious events someone takes his taxi and panda. Returning to the shop yields one reserved panda. He REALLY wants the panda and pays premium for it.
Back on the island Kate is giving Jin and Sun a map to Locke’s camp. Juliet decides to interfere. JULIET YOU WITCH. She spills the affair to Jin. Sun slaps her [YES!]

09-1_1.jpg8:34 – Jin is obviously hurt, while Bernard hilariously bursts in. The two go fishing. Bernard points out that they’re the only two married guys. They discuss Rose’s cancer, Jack, Locke, good choices and good karma – they catch a fish.
Back on the boat, the captain wants to see Dez and Sayid. Helicopter is missing.  Regina is walking around in chains for some reason… she’s not going to jump!? SHE JUMPED. Dez takes notice and starts running at her but too late, she’s in the water. None of the crew tries to help and the captain, who turns out to be the muscley guy we saw occasionally, but he prohibits the crew anyway. Regina is dead.

8:48 – We’re still on the boat. Dez and Sayid are outraged by the death of Regina. Mr. Captain drops the Widmore name as the head honcho. The captain shows 815’s Blackbox, and tells them about the crashed plane wreckage, the box, the bodies. Apparently it’s a hoax, a very disturbing hoax, but one wonders where 300 bodies were found as replacements. This is why these people are looking for Ben – supposedly (remember the note).
Back on the island Juliet is apologizing. And she’s convincing.

We get another flashback. Sun’s giving birth [I look away]. We hear a pop. Sun gets to hug her adorable slimy thing, while Jin is still off trying to get there.

We’re back on the boat, it’s dark. Sayid and Dez are being moved to a cockroach-infested room, complete with headshot stain on the opposite wall. Thankfully a disobedient janitor is right across the hall. The camera is suspiciously sticking to him. Johnson? Wait he looks black… Could it be? IT’S MICHEAL. MICHEAL. MICHEAL.

[We get another MacBook Air commercial, but I don’t care. It’s REALLY MICHEAL.]

9:01 – We’re on the island [NO NO WRONG LOCATION] and Jin is making up. Sun has apparently ditched her Locke eloping plans and has decided to try to get help from the boat. “Is the baby mine?” Jin asks. Sun says, "yes." [Yay!]
Flash-forward. Jin is … doing something…  HE’S ON A BUSINESS CALL?! THE PANDA ISN’T FOR SUN?! Creep.
Sun is in her apartment with her new baby. Hurly comes a knockin’ Ha! They want to go see Jin… They go to a cemetery… What…? Huh? But we just saw him… He’s being a creep… [Sun gets teary; I get teary even though I’m lost] The End.

     Remember how Lost got a bit boring after the second season due to pointless story plots that apparently went nowhere? Well, looks like those are coming back, but this time they make sense. This is enjoyable, yes? I agree.
    For one thing: Michael is BACK people! Know what this means? Walt. And not just Michael screaming his name every single second to my mute button’s pleasure, Walt the weirdo-psychic-kid the Others were willing to kill and be killed to get their hands on. Then, even after Walt, is Michael himself, and who knows what kind of shenanigans he’s been up to since the last time we saw him leave on that boat. Where’d he go? Why is he here now? WHERE IS WALT?!
    Then there are THIS episode’s questions: Like Jin’s death, or fake-death, or whatever is going on. And Regina’s brief, and apparently only, appearance. Ben’s spy, who I’m guessing was Regina or IS Walt. Then the whole faked Oceanic Wreckage thing.
Lost is about to start doing something it rarely does: give us answers. Frightening in its sudden appearance, I’m stunned and wondering if I’m worthy of such a high honor: knowing what the heck is happening.