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A MacBook Aboard 815: Meet Kevin Johnson

Posted 03/22/2008 by Manny Perez

A LOST addict types really, really fast between commercials.
CAUTION [If you didn’t see last night’s episode STOP! Spoilers Ahead!]
By Manny Perez

LOST.jpg[I CANNOT believe I missed the first half-hour! IT’S MICHAEL. How do I miss it!?]

8:30 – Michael puts a fully loaded gun to his head in front of his TV. It refuses to fire, TWICE. A news report breaks where it tells him about the fake 815 flight. Obviously, this is extremely odd so he goes and visits one of the now-dead Others, Tom. He lets Michael in, but not before sending his boyfriend away with a kiss. [Ha! Never would have guessed.]  Anyway, he explains how Widmore faked the plane “discovery”, (apparently Others can come and go). Tom asks about the gun, “Did the bullet bounce off your head? Or did it just not fire?” Michael wants proof of the hoax. Tom shows how Widmore got the bodies from a Thailand cemetery, bought the plane, and dropped it all in a trench. Tom wants Michael on the freighter. “I can’t go back to the island!” he says. But Michael is not going to the Island, he’s the spy on the boat and he’s supposed to kill everyone there.

01.jpg8:47 – Michael is on a dock. He meets Crazy George from before and he tells Michael to report to Naomi. Michael is now Kevin Johnson. He receives a call from Tom and he reminds Michael how he’s supposed to be saving everyone on the Island and that includes his son. He later throws the phone in the ocean. He has a chat with Frank the pilot. Frank brings up 815 and how he thinks the people aboard might be alive. Tom has sent Michael a box, probably filled with guns. He hears shots on the deck. The people have tons of weapons and are shooting plates over the side of the boat. “Rescue” mission, huh? Michael takes his box up to somewhere important. There’s a bomb in it. Libby appears. DEAD Libby. Dead-because-MICHAEL-shot-her Libby. She tells Michael to not activate it.  He does, but not without saying goodbye. “I love you Walt.” It doesn’t detonate. A note springs out. It says: NOT YET. [I think I’ll destroy that Tom.]

9:01 – Michael is talking with Crazy George. He tells Michael how Walt is calling him from the communication room. He’s not. It’s Ben. They discuss that some of the people on the boat are innocent and that Ben wouldn’t kill innocent people. Ben would want a list of names though. After that he wants the Comm. Room shut off. Then the engine room. “Will you do that for me Michael?” Of course he will, he’s one of the good guys.

    Flash-forward to the present on the boat with Sayid and Desmond. “You’re working for Benjamin Linus?” says Sayid before he attacks him and sells him out to the captain. Cover? BLOWN.

    We’re back on the Island with Rousseau, her daughter Alex, and Karl. He has a bad feeling about the Ben-directed excursion, but Alex reassures him. Karl is SHOT. NO! Rousseau grabs a struggling Alex and they fling around a tree as shots hit around them. She tells Alex to be brave and that at the count of three the two of them are to run. She counts down; I widen my eyes as I expect the obvious. They both turn and Rousseau falls while Alex turns to the only defense she has left: “NO! DON’T SHOOT! I’M BEN’S DAUGHTER!” The End of half the episode.

    I don’t think it would be possible to properly express my fury at this exact moment. Like I’ve said times before, this episode exposed Michael. MICHAEL people! And I miss the first part where (I’m guessing here) we see where Michael first headed on that boat and where Walt is. [Rips several phonebooks in half.] But from the small parts I saw, I can deduce that Michael made it inland, stayed in contact with at least one Other, lost Walt again, and was so unhappy with himself he turned to suicide (which failed for some crazy reason). Besides Michael’s story, Rousseau and Karl are now dead. That last scene between her and Alex was probably one of the most touching things in the show’s history. I mean really. It’s a wonder my laptop still works considering all the tears that had splashed over it during the course of the episode, from both Rousseau’s death and the fact that I missed Walt.