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A MacBook Aboard 815: The Constant

Posted 03/01/2008 by Manny Perez

A LOST addict types really, really fast between commercials.
CAUTION [If you didn’t see last night’s episode STOP! Spoilers Ahead!]

by Manny Perez

LOST.jpg8:10 –
OK, Desmond is crazy. He keeps switching from the helicopter/boat to the British Army.
On the island: Daniel confirms the timespace-fluxuation thing – well, almost. Back on the boat, I freak out when I hear a voice that sounds like Walt, turns out it’s just some dude [disappointment]. More on him later, as it looks like he’s crazy too.

8:15 –
Sayid phones home. Desmond continues switching realities, talks to crazy dude briefly, talks to Penny. We switch back to the boat, Sayid hands the SatPhone to Desmond because Daniel wants to talk to him. Danny seems to get what’s happening to Dez and asks him some questions and gives him instructions to find him in 1996 [?] at Oxford University [?] [WHAT???]

02.jpg8:25 –
More crazy instructions then SWITCHBACK. 2.342? Eloise? Past Dez goes to visit Past Danny at Oxford. [Oh God. the hair!] Standard “ha ha I don’t believe you” from Danny until Dez mentions Eloise. Turns out she’s a rat. He sticks her under a microwave thing. Zaps her with some light, which he explains almost like she’s sending her through time and after he puts her in … a maze? SHE TIMETRAVELED in her conscious? Switchback to present. Crazy George is awake and explains how he knows Penny OMG [sarcasm].

8:40 –
Switchback to 1996. Eloise died apparently during the switchback [!]. “Past Danny” says Dez can avoid dying if he can talk to Penny, well basically – but then ANOTHER switchback. Dez needs to talk to Penny on the boat too, and Crazy George can help. They’re escaping –then SWITCHBACK. We arrive at some haughty auction… Penny’s father is there. He gives him Penny’s address then – SWITCHBACK. George is helping them escape then – HE DIES, wow. Dez starts having the same symptoms [!!!].

8:52 –
Switchback to Past Dez. He flies off to Penny’s house and touchingly blabs to Penny that he needs her number. She gives it then – SWITCHBACK. He starts calling her on the boat (8 years later)… SHE ANWSERS! “Dez where are you?” [So sweet]. “I spoke to your friend Charlie” [Crying at reference to Charlie] “I love you Penny, I’ve always loved you, I’m so sorry, I love you” “I’ll find you!” “I promise!” [Blubbering at the sweetness of it all. The world is such a beautiful place] and… END SCENE. [Wipes tears away to see the screen]
Back on the island:
Present Danny is riffling through his notebook and it says, “If anything goes wrong Desmond Hume is my constant.” [Bad cliffhanger or food for thought?]

Oh wow, that wasn’t confusing at all. Very interesting episode, full of specific and scientific explanations courtesy of everyone’s favorite nerd (or at least mine) Daniel! Just the way I like it.  Desmond has always been the freak among the Losties and I think this episode was rather fitting, but then again they did go for the cheap he might die angle. He has survived boat crashings, Hatch explosions, monster attacks, and probably some more, and the writers try to scare me with some time-travel headache? Pfft! Tell these writers it barely worked. I’m only slightly gripping my laptop.