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A MacBook Aboard 815: The Other Woman

Posted 03/07/2008 by Manny Perez

A LOST addict types really, really fast between commercials.
CAUTION [If you didn’t see last night’s episode STOP! Spoilers Ahead!]

By Manny Perez

LOST.jpg8:04 – I come in two minutes late, panting as I reach to turn on the TV, fumble the remote and mistakenly change it to channel 9 [The Celebrity Apprentice!? NO!], before reaching 7 and watching Jack in a very Freddish mood directing the gang to split up. Juliet is in the rain and meets a ghost, at least I think it was a ghost.

8:13 – Yes, Ben is ALWAYS where he wants to be, informs us the pudgy-cheeked lady/not ghost, who also tells Juliet to kill someone. Weirdo whispers in the rain then Juliet flashes back (where’s the forward?). Apparently, she’s an emotional doctor. She’s on the island. She’s speaking with a recognizable dude, who I don’t exactly remember. Ohhh, GOODWIN. Then back to present in the rain. On The Other Side Of The Island (OTOSOTI) Daniel and Charlotte are looking at a map, they meet Kate and she makes an unpleasant face.

(iPhone commercial! Well, technically it’s an iTouch, but whatever)

8:25 – Apparently the SatPhone is out of battery, which explains their little excursion. Anyway, Kate looks through Danny’s bag before Charlotte unexpectedly knocks her out from behind. Fred/Jack is walking with Daphne/Juliet before we get another Juliet Flashback with Ben. Goodwin walks in on them talking about fetuses. Later she’s talking with her therapist (aka pudgy-cheeks) and she asks how long she’s been sleeping with Ben or Goodwin, one or the other, either way: GASP. She’s a pervert apparently (“I’ve followed you, watched you”), and tells Juliet to back off. OTOSOTI, Locke is carving up some animal of sorts, and Clair is starting to get talkative and asking about Miles. Locke serves Ben rabbit; he asks if it had a number on it [I laugh]. Ben explains to Locke how leadership works, and Locke hands him a dollar to help with the Miles Fund [I’m rolling on the floor]. Ben is going to show Locke something in exchange for some freedom.

10.jpg8:38 – Juliet is having a picnic with Goodwin on the beach. It’s an affair. Ben has a crush on Juliet [Ick]. Goodwin wonders how Ben would react to learning about the affair: crashing Oceanic airliners perhaps. Back in the present, Jack and Juliet find a bloody headed Kate, who wonders why Danny and Charlotte would have gas masks. Juliet is GONE. OTOSOTI, while Locke and Ben are talking above ground for a change. Ben unveils a secret vault to Locke [combo is 361528 because I’m attentive], which contains a tape. It’s a tape of Mr. Widmore and he’s captured one of Ben’s people. Ben tells us Widmore would want to control the crazy healing powers of the island for his gain (the freighter is his). He hands Locke Widmore’s file. The man on the boat is… BLARG COMMERCIAL!

8:47 – Kate, the bloodhound, is on the trail in the forest with Jack. Juliet ran off to some abandoned cement building. Inside we meet… a flashback, and an awkwardly chirpy Ben. They have dinner together, and discuss Goodwin amongst the Losties. Switching back, Present Juliet is in the cement center with crazy alarm sirens [Danger Will Robinson Danger!]. Someone in a gas suit is trying to override it. Danny! [NO! Don’t shoot’Im Juliet!]

(Disgusting Cottenelle commercial. The one with the puppy warning everyone to be careful with their behinds, ugh.)

9:01 – Daniel succeeds in overriding and says he’s trying to disable the gas weapon [It’s Danny, I believe him instantly]. Juliet doesn’t. Juliet and Charlotte get in a REALLY nasty fight, but it’s fun to watch. Juliet pins her, Charlotte frantically tries to persuade her “He’s used it before!” [???]. Juliet seems convinced now, but alarms are going off like crazy to a count down.  HE DISABLES IT, GOSH. 
    Flashback, with Juliet telling Ben about a helpful doctor that could help with his tumor. But Ben takes her to some hill… it’s Goodwin, stabbed and clay looking. Who ever plays Juliet is such a good actor (Wikipedia credits her as Elizabeth Mitchell). Ben is so incredibly devious and decides to be blunt, basically saying: “Well, take a minute to finish mourning, then let’s head back to my place.” Back in the present, Kate, Jack and Juliet and her posse meet up. “These people are waging war against Ben,” she says. “And Ben is going to win” (incredibly creepy confidence in that statement). Jack and Juliet are a couple now. OTOSOTI, Sawyer and Hurly are playing horseshoes when they see Ben just waltzing around. It’s more disturbing than I can say.

    Best. Season. Ever. or what? It looks like they’ve been shoving the less interesting characters under the carpet for now, and placing all the good ones right at the forefront. This is working out stupidly well, and I’m loving every second of it. Particularly Juliet, as the link-between the Losties and the now-debunked Others, I find her intriguing enough and now we hear about this whole love-square (Juliet, Ben, Goodwin, and Pudgy-Cheeks) that came almost out of NOWHERE. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything like that dumb Jack-Kate-Sawyer thing that got dragged out, but was short, actually interesting, and most of all included Ben, who I came to think of as almost asexual, and lacking in anything that resembles a heart. And he loves JULIET. Understand that this disturbs me quite a bit. He’s some kind of Montgomery Burns/Lord Voldemort/Hannibal Lector composite character and he’s in love. Not good. Juliet’s name suddenly makes a lot of sense now, and if it ends at all like the play, this episode is barely scratching the surface.