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A Night in the Spotlight

Posted 05/24/2019 by Ella Stephens

Each faculty member boasted about the students they have chosen for their department award. photo by Ella Stephens

The graduating class of 2019 celebrate their accomplishments during the Senior Awards Night.

As the school year comes to a close, a select group of seniors are invited to an awards banquet in order to celebrate their accomplishments. On May 7th, 2019, the soon to be graduates gathered at 6:00 p.m. at the Courtyard Marriott to begin their festivities. Students and their two guests were all treated to a nice meal before the awards ceremony began.

The night continued to the award aspect of the ceremony after. Each teacher from each department made a statement before announcing their awards, explaining why they chose their student for the award and how they exceeded expectations throughout the year. Each student then came up to the stage and accepted their award with gratitude, and were rewarded with a small plaque with their name engraved onto it, as well as a certificate.  The night continued in uniform, and Kyler Jackson was the main host of the evening, adding his dry humor throughout the event.

Looking at previous years, Danyelle Charles explained that senior awards night was so special because it is, “the night where seniors who have been chosen by the staff are recognized. They are here four years, but this is the night where the teachers can actually express themselves to their students.” When each student was called to the stage, it was safe to say that they were very grateful to be invited to the event and to receive such an award from teachers they have known for so long. Senior Hannah Ahlstrand explained that, “it was really nice to hear all the good things that my teachers had to say about my friends and myself. We respect our teachers so much, and it was nice to hear that the teachers respect us as much as we respect them.” Ahlstrand also explained how it was also kind of strange to come up to the stage and listen to all of the nice things that teachers has to say about her, but it was definitely something she could get used to hearing.

When looking to the future, seniors should look forward to the annual Senior Awards Night because there are many achievements that are acknowledged. Whether it is to reward athletes for their extreme effort over the past four years, or Center for Communication and Technology (CCT) students who created unique pieces of work, each and every senior should strive to receive an invite to this special night. Ahlstrand continued to explain how the night was, “a nice way to lead us into the future in a more intimate setting than graduation.” No student will get an invite to this event if they do not work for it. Charles also explained that, “senior awards night is a night where all of the unique accomplishments each senior has made is finally celebrated.”

Each student should continue to strive to get an invite to the senior awards night, not only because they get to enjoy a complimentary meal, but it gives the students the chance to feel appreciated as they move on to the next major stages of their lives.