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An Incredible(s) Movie

Posted 05/18/2018 by Andrew Villescas

graphic by Andrew Villescas

The Incredibles 2: Coming soon to theaters near you.

In 2004, our hearts were stolen by a family of superheroes who went through a relocation program to hide their secret identities. In the film, Bob Parr – also known as Mr. Incredible–  accidentally loses his temper during his day job and throws his boss through several walls after not being allowed to be a “hero.” This incident causes a rift within the family, while Helen Parr– also known as Elastigirl– desperately tries to keep her family together. Bob decides to start up hero work again without the consent of his wife, and ends up going on a mission for a woman named Mirage. After defeating a robot named Omnidroid, Bob returns to his family, providing them with a happier life.

As the film continues, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl battle against Syndrome, who once desired to be Mr. Incredible’s sidekick. Syndrome launches a newer and more advanced Omnidroid to attack and terrorize Metroville, with the plan to become the hero and save the city. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl fight alongside their kids, Violet and Dash, as well as their best friend Frozone in this epic battle. Bob and his family defeat the robot once again by destroying its power source with its own arm. As the dust settles, Syndrome cannot be seen, and we quickly learn that he has kidnapped their youngest child, Jack-Jack. Once up in the plane, Jack-Jack’s super powers quickly come out and take Syndrome by surprise, causing him to fall into a plane’s engine, thus killing him. As things begin to settle down for the Parr family, they begin to act and behave like a normal family. That is until things go terribly wrong and we see a new villian appear, coming out from the ground on top of a giant drill. He calls himself the Underminer and the last glimpse we get of this family is all of them putting their masks on.

The ending to the first movie sets up the sequel extremely well, starting right where they left off with the new villain, the Underminer, coming out of the ground. The previews give us a glimpse into what new challenges the Parr family will take on. Bob becomes a stay at home dad, managing Dash and Violet during their teenage years, along with taking care of Jack-Jack and his new-found powers. All the while, Elastigirl is the one who is battling crime. The first trailer came out on November 18, 2017, and all this teaser had was Jack-Jack exploring his powers of teleportation, laser eyes, bursting into flame, and electricity, while introducing the new logo for Incredibles II. Since then, we have seen many different trailers providing different insight to the movie and its latest plot developments. This movie will be in theaters June 14th, and tickets are available for purchase now.

After 14 years of patiently waiting, viewers are finally able to see the spectacular sequel. Sophomore Ella Stephens commented, “I grew up watching the Incredibles, I still remember going to the movie theatre to see the first one, now with the second one coming out, I am beyond words, I am going to go at midnight to see it.” Incredible fans are in for a treat as the new movie looks to crush box office records.