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An Unexpected Ending

Posted 05/11/2020 by Amelia Carpenter

TJ seniors were shown appreciation through personalized signs that were distributed by members of the TJ community. photo courtesy of TJ staff

With the sudden changes to the school year due to COVID-19, seniors try to make the best out of their circumstances. 

Just as the Thomas Jefferson graduating class of 2020 was preparing to celebrate their final high school moments, a global pandemic robbed them of celebrations that many anticipated . If you were to ask a senior four months ago what they thought they would be doing right now, most would probably say they would be enjoying their final moments in high school before graduation, which was scheduled to occur later this month. No one planned to be sitting at home with the fear of a virus looming over their heads. Despite this, TJ seniors still manage to hold on to hope as they try to stay positive during these uncertain times.

While the 2020 graduating class was unable to receive a formal prom or graduation, TJ and schools around the U.S have found ways to highlight the graduating class. Many remain sympathetic for seniors who have been forced into this unprecedented situation. The administration and community at TJ have worked hard to ensure that seniors still feel cared for and appreciated. Recently, TJ staff along with parent volunteers worked with the PTO to deliver signs to seniors. The signs were personalized with the student’s name and recognized them as a TJ graduate. Although this was a small gesture, the kind act made many students feel valued and appreciated by their school. The TJ Instagram account (@tjspartans) also honors seniors by posting senior spotlights that showcase individual seniors. The posts include a photo of the senior along with their plan after high school and a description of their favorite TJ memory. If any seniors are interested in being showcased on the Instagram, they should email Anne Rice with their information. 

This can be a hard time for seniors as their futures remain unknown. With schools transitioning into online education plans and colleges closing across the country, it is unsure whether seniors will be able to make a smooth transition into their futures. It is still unknown if colleges will reopen for the fall 2020 semester. This once again puts the class of 2020 in an unprecedented situation. With states upholding different stay at home orders and different legal actions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, students can only hope they will be allowed on campus next fall. During the last month, seniors worked to make final college decisions, with most schools requiring students to commit by May 1st. There is no sugarcoating how tough this situation is for seniors, given they have spent almost 12 years in school and have spent a large portion of that time preparing for college. It is important for seniors to remain hopeful for the future and encourage everyone to follow protocol to mitigate any negatives impacts this virus may cause. 

While this is an uncertain time for everyone, seniors have been saddled with troubles that other generations have not experienced. Although the 2020 graduating class may never get the same memories as those who have come before them and those who will come after, they still uphold hope for the future and cherish the memories they made during their time in high school. These seniors have  proven their resilience and will no doubt do great things after graduating.